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ScentAir Whisper Home Cannabis Neutralizer Cartridge
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2023 Canna Holiday Gift Guide

The THC Times | Rob E.B.

Gift the luxury of captivating ambiance with the ScentAir Whisper Home. For nearly three decades, ScentAir has been the hidden gem behind those intoxicating aromas you’ve encountered in premier hotels and resorts. Now, they’re offering that same professional-grade fragrance magic for your home.

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ScentAir, the global leader in the scent marketing industry for over 25 years, announces the release of newly developed auto fragrances and room sprays. The two new product offerings add to their growing line of home fragrance accessories. Each allow consumers to enjoy professional quality fragrance in new ways.

Press Releases
ScentAir® Releases New Cannabis Odor Neutralizer

CHARLOTTE, NC (09/05/23) – ScentAir has released a new way to eliminate cannabis odors in businesses and homes. The new Cannabis Neutralizer discreetly neutralizes obnoxious cannabis odors and creates a fresh space that’s comfortable for everyone. 

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ScentAir® Releases New Pet Calming Fragrance

The new technology contains engineered pheromone isolates 

and natural botanicals, proven to soothe dogs and cats.

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ScentAir® Releases New Limited Edition Summer Sunset Collection for Consumers

ScentAir has released a limited edition Summer Sunset Collection on its eCommerce storefront, adding to their lineup of best-selling professional quality fragrances. The collection, the second limited edition release by ScentAir, features six exciting new fragrances inspired by the breezy coziness of the end of summer. 

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Our Journey to Breathing Easier & Happier: The Unexpected Ease of Owning a ScentAir DFS Compact Air Purifier

Recently, my husband and I returned from an unforgettable trip to Iceland, exhausted but grateful to be home. We were met with an unwelcome smell as we struggled through the door with our luggage. You know the kind – the kind that makes you want to turn around and hope for a different outcome when you walk back in.

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The right scent can create positive associations and even entice shoppers to spend more money

The Philadelphia Inquirer | By Terri Akman

Businesses have recognized scent and its ability to create unique memorable experiences, drive brand recognition, and help them stand apart from competition.

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Perfuming music: Mane and Cercle team up for a series of immersive concerts

Nez Magazine | By Juliette Faliu

Cercle creates experiences and organises festivals and concerts that shine the spotlight on cultural and natural heritage with a fusion of music, aesthetics and showcasing artists and venues. In early 2022 the company was contacted by Ugo Charron, Mane perfumer and member of indie electronic band Cosmic Gardens. Their discussions led to the creation of an olfactory signature for Cercle and its musical events. Tested for the first time in Sevilla’s Plaza de España in April, the Golden Hour scent will be diffused on 10 July in Geneva for a concert in front of Saint Pierre Cathedral.

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The View from The Shard enhance experience by engaging ScentAir

UK Business News | By Lisa Baker

The View from The Shard is working with scent marketing expert ScentAir to complete its all-encompassing themed experiences for visitors at the top of London’s tallest building.

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