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Breathe Easy with ScentAir's ION NPBI™ Systems: Your Solution to Sick Building Syndrome

Indoor air quality has become a significant concern in recent years, especially with the rise of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). As we spend more time indoors, the air we breathe can directly impact our health and well-being. That's why exploring innovative ways to protect occupants from disease, mold, bacteria and allergens is crucial. 

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The Boss’s New Secret Weapon: Pumping Perfume Into the Office

The Wall Stree Journal | Ray A. Smith

Hines, a commercial real-estate company with skyscrapers worldwide, has developed a special scent it began quietly pumping into the heating, air conditioning and ventilation system in its Texas Tower headquarters in Houston late last year. It’s rolling out the fragrance in more than 20 other office buildings and apartment complexes this year, from Chicago and New York to London and Delhi, India...

Let the Stars Be Your Guide to the Perfect Spring Home Fragrance

Spring is a time of renewal, growth and transformation. It’s nature’s season of birth and blossoms. And what better way to embrace the spirit of spring than by refreshing your home with a fragrance that supports your goals for renewal? 

In this astrological guide, we’ll explore how the elements associated with the zodiac signs—earth, air, fire, and water— can help you choose the perfect fragrance cartridge for your home. Whether you’re an adventurous fire sign or a grounded earth sign, there’s a fragrance that matches your element and brings out your best this season.


Spring forecast: Your passion and enthusiasm will be vibrant. Blossom along with the world with a fresh floral scent.  

Fragrance recommendation: 
Kai Jasmine - A composition of green fern, apple and juicy orange fold into a bouquet of jasmine and orange flower, followed by soft tonka and musk


Spring forecast: You’ll be in harmony with the earth, both grounded and practical. Plant seeds for the future with a green scent.

Fragrance recommendation
Green Bamboo - A crisp blend of bergamot and green grass with watery cucumber and soft Lily of the Valley.


Spring forecast: Your intellectual curiosity will be energized by new perspectives. Refreshing scents will let your thoughts and ideas soar.

Fragrance recommendation:
Fresh Linen - A fresh floral fragrance with bright citrus, fresh air, orange blossom, violet and rose over ethereal woods.


Spring forecast: Your intuitive nature will guide your goals to clarity. Fresh, watery fragrances will offer connection and focus. 

Fragrance recommendation: 
Island Breeze - Fresh sea air with the alluring scent of Tiare flower, orange blossom, solar amber and musk.

What does the universe have waiting for you? Stay tuned for the next Astrological Guide – Summer Scents. In the meantime, order your spring fragrance here. Or get your pick delivered all season long – and switch scents when your pick for summer is revealed – by subscribing. Learn more here

Peach Fuzz: Color Of The year
ScentAir Stories
Peach Fuzz: Bring the Color of the Year to Life in Your Home with Fragrance

Color, much like fragrance, has the power to influence your mood. This year's PANTONE Color of the Year 13-1023 Peach Fuzz embodies all that is soft, gentle, kind and nurturing. Nestled between pink and orange, Peach Fuzz is comforting and romantic with a sense of community.

ScentAir Stories
From Boutiques to Homes: The Scented Success Story of KOOKAÏ with ScentAir

To diffuse the new fragrance, ScentAir scent delivery systems were installed in several stores. ScentDirect or ScentStream systems were selected depending on location specifications.

Once launched, the KOOKAÏ signature scent was a hit with both customers and staff. Customers were quickly drawn to the fragrance. Store employees were taking note of the new enhancement to their working environment.

The exclusive KOOKAÏ signature scent has been a part of our new concept boutiques for over 5 years and is now instilled in our brand identity, keeping in the minds of our customers long past them leaving our boutiques. Our customers not only know and love the KOOKAÏ scent, but they want this scent to be a part of their own homes.

KOOKAÏ’s Retail Brand Manager quickly saw how their new signature scent enriched the in-store experience saying, “ScentAir is an extension of the KOOKAÏ brand and has been invaluable to helping us create a new dimension to our in-store customer experience.” Comments about the KOOKAÏ brand scent began appearing on social media.

As a powerful branding tool, customers would have to visit a store location to enjoy the scent experience firsthand. Yet customers wanted more.

Soon, demand for the fragrance paved the way for a new KOOKAÏ scented product line. The brand worked with ScentAir to create a line of retail products, starting with reed diffusers, to capitalize on their investment in fragrance.

The scented products expand on the success they have seen with their signature fragrance and keep the brand top-of-mind. According to KOOKAÏ’s Retail Brand Manager, “the exclusive KOOKAÏ signature scent has been a part of our new concept boutiques for over 5 years and is now instilled in our brand identity, keeping in the minds of our customers long past them leaving our boutiques. Our customers not only know and love the KOOKAÏ scent, but they want this scent to be a part of their own homes.”

With a strong professional relationship and more exciting projects in the future, KOOKAÏ and ScentAir will continue to expand their brand and product line in years to come.

Why ScentAir fragrances?

Our time-tested fragrance development methodology ensures your access to the highest quality scents available. Every ScentAir fragrance meets or exceeds global safety and regulatory requirements. We’ve invested 25 years in increasing results for your brand.

  • 60% Higher Purchase Intent - Scent inclines consumers to purchase more, leading to 22% more products sold.
  • 18% More Time In-Store - Fragrance increases linger time, causing consumers to shop longer.
  • 9% More Money Spent - Increased purchase intent and more time in-store leads consumers to spend more.
ScentAir Stories
How to Select the Perfect Scent for Your Business with the Fragrance Finder Quiz

In the highly competitive business world, finding a way to stand out and create a lasting impression is crucial. At ScentAir, we understand the power of scent in influencing customer behavior and creating memorable experiences. 

ScentAir Stories
What is Scent Marketing? The simple definition

You’ve heard of scent marketing. You might have even heard some of the hype surrounding it—so many major brands use scent marketing!

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Infused with ScentAir signature Pine Forest fragrance, Holiday Hangers add a fresh boost of pine to artificial trees, wreaths and more.  

ScentAir Whisper Home Cannabis Neutralizer Cartridge
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2023 Canna Holiday Gift Guide

The THC Times | Rob E.B.

Gift the luxury of captivating ambiance with the ScentAir Whisper Home. For nearly three decades, ScentAir has been the hidden gem behind those intoxicating aromas you’ve encountered in premier hotels and resorts. Now, they’re offering that same professional-grade fragrance magic for your home.