Custom Fragrance Development and Curation

Let ScentAir help you find a fragrance authentic to your business—that speaks directly to your customers. 

The Right Scent Is Closer Than You Think

Scent is powerful but only if you use the correct fragrance to reach your goals. ScentAir will help you find the right fragrance for your business. Whether you’re looking for a custom fragrance or just the perfect scent that aligns with your brand, our all-inclusive service takes the hassle out of finding the right fragrance to reach your goals.

Our brand immersion process makes it easy to determine the perfect fragrance for every brand.



The Perfect Fragrance is Just a Click Away

A ScentAir representative will walk you through the process of finding-or formulating-the right fragrance for you. But ScentAir does more than find your perfect fragrance. We help you devise a scent marketing strategy so your fragrance will make the greatest impact on your business.

The Curation Process

Our Brand Immersion Process unpacks your brand identity and identifies targeted emotions your brand should create for customers. We analyze four key brand components.


We review the style, feel, and colors of your brand to understand how you’re already showing up for your customers. 


Your décor says a lot about how you want to be perceived. Your fragrance will not only be congruent with your space—it will elevate it. 

Brand Purpose

From your mission to your values, we inject elements of your brand purpose into your fragrance. Your scent will deliver on your brand promise at an instinctual level.

Key Customers

Who are your ideal customers? And most importantly—how do you want them to feel? Your goals and customer data will guide us in determining the attributes and emotions your scent needs strike.  


“ScentAir has played a large role in creating our overall environment. The calming environment has resulted in 50% fewer cancellations.” – Hospital Managing Director


“ScentAir has helped us achieve a luxurious feel with the Performance Center. From the moment guests arrive, they are treated to a refreshing sensory experience that is as unique as our brand.” – Dealership Manager


“We made the switch to ScentAir from one of their competitors a few months ago and we are thrilled with the change. The scents are more vibrant and appealing. We have nothing but positive feedback from our prospects.” – Luxury Property Manager