Seaside Driftwood ScentAir Whisper™ PRO fragrance cartridge


Previously known as Seaside Getaway

Wake with the sun and amble along a pebbled cove. Calm waves gently lap at the shore as refreshing seaside breezes bring notes of salted air mingled with faraway jasmine and white amber. Just as you glimpse a sense of longing for shores unknown, cozy notes of soft cashmere musk and weathered driftwood ground you in utter contentment and gratitude for the here and now. 

PREMIUM FRAGRANCES FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS Seaside Driftwood is part of the Relaxing & Soothing fragrance family from ScentAir. ScentAir diffusers use patented dry-air fragrance technology to scent YOUR space FOR hours of uninterrupted ambient scenting.
More Information
Refill Type Whisper PRO Cartridge
Product Specs 6x8x5 IN
Strength Strong
Fragrance Experience Relaxing & Soothing
Odor Neutralizing Yes