Scent Marketing For Retail

Drive sales. Sharpen your brand identity. Bond with customers for life.

Customers Never Forget How a Brand Makes Them Feel

Scent marketing is a powerful tool to help retailers increase sales with an enticing store atmosphere that communicates their brand identity.

Retail has changed in the 21st century. Product specifics and service satisfaction aren’t enough anymore. Customers seek emotional experiences. Emotionally connected customers are 52% more valuable to a brand than those who are only satisfied.

Give customers the emotional value they’re looking for. Create experiences that inspire emotional bonds and lasting impressions.

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increase revenue

Increase Sales Revenue up to 11%

Drive sales and encourage customers to linger.

Retail Display

Positively Influence Customer Perceptions

Craft a powerful and authentic brand identity that drives emotional connections.

scent marketing store

Complete the Look & Feel of Your Store

Differentiate your space and attract customers loyal to your brand ethos.

customer satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction up to 20%

Emotional connection + satisfaction = brand evangelist.

customer service

Foster Outstanding Customer Service

Improve mood and bypass the challenges of forming fast rapport.


The smell and purity of the air in your facility may not be what first comes to mind, but it is important to your members. At ScentAir we provide fragrance and air purification that will differentiate your stores and make them memorable, creating a more engaging customer experience.

Your Scent Strategy is Just a Click Away

A ScentAir representative will walk you through the process of finding-or formulating-the right fragrance for you. But ScentAir does more than find your perfect fragrance. We help you devise a scent marketing strategy so your fragrance will make the greatest impact on your business.