Scent Marketing For Other Industries

Every people-centric business needs to connect with customers. We make building those connections easy. Rapid rapport—that’s the power of ScentAir.

The ScentAir process makes it simple

We’re industry leaders for a reason. After more than 20 years, we’ve worked with countless businesses in a wide range of customer-facing industries. Our process makes launching a scent marketing strategy easy. We’re with you from start to finish:

  • Fragrance selection—find a scent proven to stir the emotions you want to excite in customers.
  • Fragrance diffusion strategy— determine the best system, positioning, &diffusion schedule to maximize impact.
  • System installation—installation is included for our most robust systems, so you never have to do any heavy lifting.
  • System support—maintain your system with ease, we’re always just a phone call away.

Funeral Homes

Ease grief and help families through the most difficult human experiences. Fragrance makes supporting families easier. It creates a peaceful atmosphere, making arrangement consultations more productive. Odor neutralizing technology eliminates undesirable odors for a more pleasant environment for staff and visitors.

Dental Offices

Create an outstanding patient experience. Cut back patient attrition. And significantly reduce cancelations. Provide patients with a sense of calmness and comfort. For nervous patients, a soothing dental experience is worth a return visit. A calming practice does double duty—empower your staff to work better under pressure.


Build rapport and create a stronger bond with customers. Scent makes the customer experience seamless. The sales process becomes more natural for customers. Leaving you with more opportunities to close sales. Elevate your dealership’s atmosphere. Infusing the feel of luxury or approachability sets the tone for the sales experience your customers can expect.

Ready to start scenting your spaces?

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Salon or Spa

Pamper your clients and create a one-of-a-kind salon experience. Whether your brand is more luxury or more Zen, you can create a complete sensory experience that speaks to your ideal client. Quickly establish rapport. And build a loyal client list with ease.

Medical Offices

Significantly reduce cancelations. And cut back patient attrition. Scent marketing creates an outstanding patient experience. Calm and comfort patients from the moment they enter your practice. Nervous patients remember the medical practices that make them feel most comfortable. A calming practice does double duty—empower your staff to work better under pressure.



“ScentAir has played a large role in creating our overall environment. The calming environment has resulted in 50% fewer cancellations.” – Hospital Managing Director


“ScentAir has helped us achieve a luxurious feel with the Performance Center. From the moment guests arrive, they are treated to a refreshing sensory experience that is as unique as our brand.” – Dealership Manager


“We made the switch to ScentAir from one of their competitors a few months ago and we are thrilled with the change. The scents are more vibrant and appealing. We have nothing but positive feedback from our prospects.” – Luxury Property Manager

Your Scent Strategy is Just a Click Away

A ScentAir representative will walk you through the process of finding-or formulating-the right fragrance for you. But ScentAir does more than find your perfect fragrance. We help you devise a scent marketing strategy so your fragrance will make the greatest impact on your business.