Lavender & Ylang ScentAir Whisper™ PRO fragrance cartridge

Infuse your world with the utmost relaxation and calm. Both lavender and ylang are long-beloved for their ability to soothe the mood, ease tension, and promote precious slumber. Fresh lavender’s lovely floral aromas and herbal notes pair perfectly with ylang’s hints of custard, banana, honey, spice, and bitter orange.
PREMIUM FRAGRANCES FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS Lavender & Ylang is part of the Relaxing & Soothing fragrance family from ScentAir. ScentAir diffusers use patented dry-air fragrance technology to scent YOUR space FOR hours of uninterrupted ambient scenting.
More Information
Refill Type Whisper PRO Cartridge
Product Specs 6x8x5 IN
Strength Medium
Fragrance Experience Relaxing & Soothing
Odor Neutralizing Yes