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How Center Parcs Creates Greater Brand Loyalty with ScentAir


Center Parcs all-inclusive lodging and activities parks bring families and friends together to create long-lasting memories in a natural environment.


Create greater customer loyalty for Center Parcs 27 locations in four countries, using a fragrance to solidify brand identity and elevate customer experience.


Develop a recognizable signature scent diffused in central facilities and cottages in all Center Parcs that generates lasting memories and drives customer loyalty.

“To further enhance the unique Center Parcs experience, we developed - together with ScentAir - our unique Center Parcs fragrance. The main goal was to, besides our great existing experiences, create a recognizable Center Parcs scent which contributes to the on-site experience in our central facilities as well as in the cottages.”


Center Parcs has been bringing people together in nature for more than 50 years. With 27 parks spread across Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany, Center Parcs offers a unique experience of accommodation, dining, and an array of indoor and outdoor activities amidst a natural environment. Committed to sustainability and local initiatives, Center Parcs is dedicated to delivering personalized, seamless and premium-quality stays for its guests.

Seeking to further distinguish its brand and foster brand loyalty, Center Parcs partnered with ScentAir to craft a fragrance that would enhance the overall guest experience.


In collaboration with ScentAir, Center Parcs defined the desired guest experience that would foster brand loyalty while elevating guest experiences and reinforcing brand identity.

Through in-depth analysis of its brand pillars, the ScentAir team tailored a signature scent to complement the Center Parcs experience and aligns with the various aspects of scent marketing.

The outcome was a distinctive fragrance and comprehensive scent marketing plan for all Center Parcs locations, enhancing guests’ memorable moments and nurturing greater customer loyalty.


The scent marketing strategy centers on diffusing the signature fragrance within central facilities via ScentAir fragrance diffusers, while accommodations are enhanced with ScentAir room sprays. This approach ensures an omnipresence of fragrance throughout the guests’ stays in the most critical locations within the park. The outcome is an enhanced premium guest experience, prolonged memories, amplified brand recognition for Center Parcs, and the fostering of a deep-seated brand affinity across all venues.

Beyond its marketing value, the Center Parcs scent made a positive impact on perceptions of quality and cleanliness, resulting in heightened satisfaction ratings for both scent and cleanliness.

ScentAir guidance, from the creative process of scent development to the seamless execution of on-site operations, has enabled Center Parcs to effectively and successfully manage its day-to-day scent marketing program across four countries.