Engage Customers With Scent Marketing

Turn passive consumers into active customers with a meaningful on-site customer experience. Create direct connections and stronger customer relationships with fragrance.

There’s No Brand Identity Without Emotion 

ScentAir was developed in response to powerful research on scent, emotions, and human behavior. 

Push Your Business Further

Meaningful customer engagement is driving business success. And delivering powerful ROI.

"ScentAir has helped us create a new dimension to our instore customer experience. The exclusive KOOKAÏ Signature Scent has been a part of our new concept boutiques for over 5 years and is now instilled in our brand identity. "
Retail Brand Manager
"Scent is the most memorable of the senses. We feel scent is an exciting and important part of the guest experience."
Senior Vice President
Westin Hotels and Resorts
"When our customers walk in, they experience a crispness and freshness from ScentAir. It triggers a unique, positive emotion. We have a freshness in our club that people love."
Anytime Fitness Lebanon, TN

Find out how easy it is to create remarkable customer experiences with ScentAir.

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