The Scent of the Restaurant Industry with Livit


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Strategically include fragrance in the creation and evolution of exciting restaurant concepts with unique guest experiences across the globe. Provide customized solutions that maximize ROI for each client.


Partnership with global scent marketing brand, ScentAir, allows Livit to consistently include fragrance in restaurant concepts around the world. Strong support from the ScentAir team and access to a vast fragrance portfolio that exceeds their needs. 


With extraordinary guest experiences enriched through scent, working with ScentAir gives Livit a competitive advantage over their competition. Livit clients gain a clear ROI. 

"Using ScentAir has been a great success and there's a clear return on investment capital."


The team at Livit, the world’s most influential restaurant design company, is the mastermind behind many of the most innovative and experiential restaurant concepts around the globe. For 22 years, they’ve helped industry start-ups and established brands revolutionize their guest dining experience. With in-depth industry knowledge and insights into market trends, Livit offers clients progressive solutions that make restaurant brands stand apart. When it comes to enriching their clients’ guest experience with scent, the Livit team relies on the expertise of ScentAir.

A Global Presence

Designing extraordinary restaurant experiences means bringing together a myriad of elements. To make the most of the dining experience, the team at Livit heighten the sensory experience by tapping into each of the five senses.

As the only restaurant design company of their kind, Livit works with clients in 46 countries. In fact, every 8 hours a new Livit designed restaurant opens somewhere in the world. Working with clients around the globe requires access to resources and solutions from partners with the same global reach. So when they needed a partner to create targeted fragrance solutions in their restaurants, they turned to ScentAir.

For the Livit team, fragrance is a key element to the dining experience and an integral part of restaurant design. But the inclusion of fragrance in the design process is more than a matter of aesthetics. The Livit team prioritizes profitability. Return on investment is strongly monitored.  

The right fragrance partner for Livit had to provide fragrance solutions that satisfied both the creative and business savvy aspects of the restaurant design process.

Research-Backed Fragrance Solutions

When Livit began working with ScentAir, their priority was gaining a better understanding of how scent impacts guest behavior in restaurants. Their team started with implementing branded scents in locations of some of their biggest clients but soon moved into exploring how scent could influence consumer behavior and how different scents can promote various products.

To really study consumer behavior, Livit opened a test lab restaurant to explore what makes diners tick. Located in Sweden, their testing ground quickly became a commercial success. Most recently, they opened a second test lab restaurant in LA, where they won Eater LA’s 2019 Restaurant Design of the Year.

To get the most flexibility from their scent marketing programs, the Livit team prefers the ScentDirect system. The ScentDirect doesn’t intrude on the restaurant design and integrates with the track lighting they use throughout their spaces.

A Valuable Partnership

After years of working with ScentAir in both their test restaurants and the restaurants of their clients, the Livit team has identified the most profitable and strategic uses for fragrance. 

According to the Livit team, they have marked success in using scent in 4 key ways:

  • Driving traffic by diffusing fragrance near entrances to attract customers
  • Driving product sales by diffusing fragrances that align with promoted products in dining areas
  • Enhancing perceptions of cleanliness by diffusing fresh scents
  • Brand awareness and familiarity by consistently diffusing a scent that makes customers feel close and comfortable with the brand.

Driving sales is as important for restaurants as it is in any business. Livit’s partnership with ScentAir has allowed them to deeply explore how scent can drive sales and deliver tangible ROI.

Generating street traffic can be a challenge whether your business is on a crowded thoroughfare or a quiet street. But using ScentAir, the Livit team has had great success tempting pedestrians and pulling in street traffic. According to the Livit team, scent deployed at restaurant doorways is a powerful tactic that can draw crowds for locations in walkable downtown areas.

When one of their clients, a major pancake chain, wanted to work on generating more street traffic, they immediately turned to ScentAir. Using the scent of pure maple syrup near their entrance, they deployed a scent marketing program that showed a measurable increase in customers from street traffic.

Livit has also found success driving sales on particular menu items by deploying congruent scents. Their team measured the sale of pizza while diffusing the warm scent of a woodfired oven and compared their data to the sale of salads while diffusing the scent of fresh basil.

The results showed a clear correlation between scent and the mix of products sold. When guests smelled the rich woodfired oven scent, pizza orders increased. But when Livit deployed the scent of basil, salad sales shot through the roof!

Whether drawing customers in off the street or encouraging the sale of certain products, scent provides an intuitive suggestion that’s more powerful than existing signage or wait-staff recommendations.  

Livit has also worked with ScentAir on projects to eliminate unpleasant odors in some of their clients’ restaurants. ScentAir’s odor neutralizing technology paired with our extensive library allows Livit to both eliminate what’s not working and enhance the desired experience through scent.

Among their clients that wanted to refresh their dining experience, Livit’s client, a major seafood restaurant chain, needed help eliminating the sea wharf scent from their dining areas. ScentAir worked closely with the Livit team to develop a personalized presentation featuring custom solutions just for this very special client.

And according to the Livit team, this is just one example of how the team at ScentAir has gone above and beyond for them. Livit CEO Benjamin Calleja reports that ScentAir always delivers a very good quality of service. He explained how ScentAir has made an impact on his team:

“Using ScentAir has been a great success and there’s a clear return on investment capital… ScentAir has given us an additional tool in creating extraordinary guest experiences. Guest experience is composed of many elements and scent is one of them, but it’s often forgotten in the restaurant industry. ScentAir has given us a competitive advantage in understanding scent versus our competitors.”

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