Redefining The Salon Experience with Muse


Muse Hair Salon Profile


Eliminate malodors and control the strong ammonia smell in the salon to create a high-end experience. 


Diffuse ScentAir Clear throughout the salon.


Customers are more comfortable in Muse Hair Salon without the scent of harsh chemicals. The whisper of sheer freshness left by ScentAir Clear adds to the ambiance without distracting from the salon’s image. 

"Thanks to ScentAir, our salons now are able to create an exceptional salon experience for our customers with ScentAir Clear."

Muse Hair Salon
Owner & Founder

Redefining the salon experience

Founded in 2007, Muse Hair Salon is committed to delivering high-quality hair products and high-end salon services. Their team of highly skilled stylists specialize in creating youthful, stylish Asian hairstyles. Like most salons, Muse was struggling with a strong ammonia malodor from their professional quality hair products—the typical smell you expect in any regular hair salon.

But Muse Hair Salon didn’t want to be perceived as just another hair salon. They wanted to elevate the look and feel to align with their contemporary yet simple interior design. The ultimate goal was to create an exceptional overall salon experience. In the age of online reviews and social sharing, they wanted their entire customer experience to be as flawless as their work. 

Crafting The Perfect Sensory Pleasure 

ScentAir worked closely with the Muse Hair Salon team to understand their goals. To enhance the chic salon experience of Muse, the ScentAir team recommended ScentAir Clear. ScentAir Clear eliminates malodors with no identifiable fragrance profile. The sheer experience leaves just a whisper of freshness that marries perfectly with the salon’s sleek, contemporary feel.

To diffuse ScentAir Clear, the team chose the ScentDirect Tower, a chic solution that evenly covers the whole salon.

A Successful Multisensory Experience

After implementing ScentAir Clear, the Muse Hair Salon team immediately noticed improvement in the salon’s atmosphere. All elements of the salon are now seamlessly connected: the interior design, product offerings, music, temperature and, finally, the fragrance. 

ScentAir Clear has removed the malodors and freshened the salon. Staff love that the irritating ammonia smell has been eliminated and customers only notice the sheer and pleasant freshness of ScentAir Clear. It’s a memorable experience that exceeds customer expectations of a hair salon, but which fits perfectly with the look of the brand. The Muse Hair Salone team is delighted to have collaborated with ScentAir.  

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