The luxury fragrance of Frites Atelier


Frites Atelier Profile


Create an atmosphere fit for a 5-star restaurant and remove the smell of cooking oil from the space. 


Tactically placed ScentDirect systems combined with a well-chosen fragrance that aligns with the Frites Atelier menu. 


Frites Atelier customers enjoy their snacks in a space that feels as high end as the food.

Snacks at level

Chef Sergio Herman opened Frites Atelier to bring delicious French fries to the Netherlands. But these are not ordinary fries. Sergio’s team spent 18 months conducting research and testing to perfect their recipe for the most delicious fries. After they opened, their attention to detail led them to question the scent of the air in their restaurant.  

Creating a 5-star experience

Though Frites Atelier is a fast-casual food concept, the founders are committed to high-quality dining. Their standards of quality are a part of what makes the Frites Atelier brand unique among other fast-casual eateries. High-quality ingredients and recipes are a must. But the level of quality extends into their interiors, designed by the distinguished architect, Piet Boon. With a look and feel that would not look out of place on P.C. Hooftstraat, Frites Atelier is among the most luxurious snack bars in the Netherlands.
But serving the most delicious fries in the Netherlands requires constant frying, which leaves a greasy smell in the air. The team at Frites Atelier contacted ScentAir to remove the distinct cooking smell from the eatery and replace it with a smell that matches the look of a 5-star restaurant.

A Tempting Fragrance

ScentAir organized a fragrance session with Sergio’s team to choose the perfect scent for Frites Atelier. For a top chef like Sergio, every aspect of the eatery’s concept has to be right. Initially, we considered a few sweet smells, like ice cream. But when we discovered the special basil sauce that Sergio himself developed, we knew the delicious smell of fresh basil was a perfect choice. It is not a smell you expect in a French fry shop, but one that fits amazingly well.

Sergio’s team felt very strongly that their ScentAir systems should remain out of sight. We had to agree—after all, scents should be smelled, not seen. So to keep the systems hidden from view, we installed our ScentDirect systems right under the counter. To ensure the fragrance is spread evenly throughout the room, a separate nozzle diffuses the fragrance into the atmosphere. The only thing patrons will notice is the delicious scent of fresh basil.

Refining The 5-Star Experience

After installation, we followed up with Sergio’s team to see how their ScentAir systems were working. The team at Frites Atelier has noticed a difference in their dining experience. The smell of the restaurant is delicious, and the scent is evenly spread out. Customers notice the smell of fresh basil but never notice the systems delivering the scent. It is a relief for customers to get to enjoy their snacks without the heavy smell of a fryer. It is an experience that you do not expect with a deep fryer, but which fits perfectly with the look of the concept.

Inspired by the success they had with their first ScentAir Systems, each of their current locations in The Hague, Arnhem, Antwerp, Gent and Brussels have been equipped with ScentAir systems. But Frites Atelier is growing. Sergio’s team plans to open 60 locations in the Netherlands within 5 years. Of course, each location will feature the delicious smell of basil.


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