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Reduce patient anxiety and make the hospital feel more comfortable for everyone. Banish the distinctly sterile scent common in hospitals. 


Cheerful, fresh scents diffused using ScentDirect scent delivery systems in 6 key locations around the hospital. 


Patients and staff enjoy the experience created by the hospital scent. Hospital staff has noticed that patients are more relaxed.

"In the children's ward, parents and children are positively surprised by the smell. It helps them to relax and not think about why they are in the hospital."

University Hospital Brussels

Innovative hospital focuses on stress reduction

For many people, a hospital visit is more than an inconvenience. High-stress and fear can leave patients and visitors feeling anxious. And their memories of the high-anxiety experience stay with them, contributing to the common fear of hospitals. The management of UH Brussels wanted to change the way patients and visitors feel in their facility. They envisioned a comforting hospital experience that left a positive impression on everyone who passed through their doors.

Redefining The Hospital Experience 

Hospitals have a distinctive smell: a combination of detergent and medicine. It is a recognizable smell, often linked in the minds of patients and visitors to emotional or traumatic experiences. To create a new hospital experience, the management team at UH Brussels enlisted the help of ScentAir. They asked ScentAir to create a positive scent experience for their hospital. An experience that reduces feelings of anxiety and creates positive memories of UH Brussels. 

To create a new kind of hospital experience, the ScentAir team recommended a scenting strategy that targeted key hospital entrances. Research shows that environment plays an important role in promoting rehabilitation and reducing stress. By focusing on hospital entrances, UH Brussels could quickly make an impact on anxious visitors. 

Customizing The Perfect Solutions

ScentDirect systems were installed in 6 unique locations: the main entrance, the clinic, and the children’s wing entrance. As well as the Radiotherapy, Radiology and the closed department for dementia. ScentDirect systems were the perfect choice because they can be programmed to run on a detailed schedule and can easily fragrance large spaces. 

When it came to selecting fragrances, we were deliberate about choosing comforting scents. The right scent would be one that distracts the mind from negativity and creates an uplifted feeling. We worked with UH Brussels management to select a fresh scent that would comfort visitors and put their minds at ease. For the children’s wing entrance, we chose a playful, sweet smell that appeals to the child in all of us. Of course, the fragrances meet the strictest public health requirements.

A Positive Change Of Perception

After installation, we checked in with management and staff at UH Brussels. Using ScentAir has led to new positive experiences around the hospital. Many visitors are surprised by the fresh, cheerful smells and even the medical staff are happy with the new scents. "In the children's ward, parents and children are positively surprised by the smell. It helps them to relax and not think about why they are in the hospital." UH Brussels management is excited by the improved hospital experience. The positive results they experienced with ScentAir has inspired them to transform the children’s wing. The new children’s wing will recreate exotic destinations, like the desert, ocean, and rainforest, to give visitors of all ages a positive experience. 


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