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3 Unique Ways Scent Can Freshen Your Business

Businesses around the world are prioritizing a fresh and clean customer experience. With global attention on health and sanitation, businesses are enhancing their cleaning practices with fresh fragrances and malodor management products to meet higher customer expectations of clean.


Scent is a powerful tool to help businesses communicate with customers. Using a fresh and clean scent is a great way to convey your commitment to cleanliness without invasive, chemical smells.  


To make the greatest impact—and avoid needless spending on products that don’t fit the bill—it’s important to assess the needs of your business and choose a product that aligns with your goals. When clients contact us for freshness boosting fragrances, we guide them to the right product by asking questions to understand their needs and walking them through 3 unique product types that can help.


Though our products come in countless scents, these 3 products can help you take control of your business’ fragrance experience.


Fragrances With Odor Neutralizing Technology

For clients who are looking for a fragrance that will perfectly align with their brand and banish malodors, a fragrance with odor neutralizing technology is the way to go. Our extensive library is filled with unique fragrances, each formulated with specific notes that tell a story. The fragrance that perfectly aligns with your business will communicate your brand values and create an experience that’s unique to your business.


But some businesses face unpleasant odors. For those clients, creating a remarkable customer experience means enhancing the space with a brand-appropriate scent while eliminating malodors. Fragrances powered with odor neutralizing technology allow you to control your customer experience and enhance it at the same time.


Fresh Fragrances

We all know what clean looks like. But people don’t look for the signs of clean. They smell for them. With current market research showing strong customer concern over sanitation and cleanliness, we’ve curated 6 collections of the freshest, most clean smelling fragrance profiles to help businesses communicate their commitment to the ultimate clean.


In the past several decades, consumer packaged goods brands have committed to creating the feeling of clean through scent. Consumers have grown to equate cleanliness with many of the scent experiences pioneered by product brands. Our 6 collections are inspired by the classic fragrances that customers understand as clean. It’s a simple way to comfort customers and assure them that you’re diligent in your cleaning practices.  


If you want to use an ultra-fresh fragrance but your business faces malodors, many of the fragrances featured in our fresh and clean collection are enabled with our powerful odor neutralizing technology, so you  can eliminate malodors while creating a fresh experience.


ScentAir ClearTM

For some clients, creating a noticeable fragrance experience isn’t the way to go. For instance, food service businesses often want to control food smells but struggle to pick the best scent for their restaurant. Many businesses need a sheer fragrance option with powerful odor neutralization. After years of clients asking for such a product, we developed it ! ScentAir Clear is an advanced odor neutralizing agent that eliminates malodors without a heavy fragrance. It has 10x the odor neutralizing captives of our regular odor neutralizing fragrances, so it’s more effective for managing malodors across larger spaces.


Each of the 3 product types to freshen your business offer unique features so there’s an authentic way to enhance the feeling of clean for every business. All the products mentioned pair with all our commercial scent machines. Whether you’re using our commercial HVAC scent system, the ScentStream, or one of our smaller commercial fragrance diffusers, like the ScentDirect or ScentAir Breeze, you’ll be able to choose the amount of fragrance and industrial odor neutralizer that’s right for your business.


If you’re ready to enhance the feeling of clean in your business with a new freshening product, contact your representative.  

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