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ScentAir is proud to announce the newest addition to our system line up, the ScentAir Whisper PRO. It's small space solution featuring connected technology, multiple placement options and patented airflow design.
Reliable disinfecting tools for businesses of every size. Take the worry and hassle out of finding the right disinfecting solution for your business.
Leading the charge on strengthening employee relations through scent in China, The Executive Centre has partnered with ScentAir to adopt a scent marketing strategy in their offices.
2020 was tot nu toe een uitdagend jaar zoals we dat nog nooit hebben gezien. Bij ScentAir zijn we druk bezig geweest om de uitdagingen van dit jaar het hoofd te bieden zoals we dat altijd doen: met innovatieve oplossingen.
Cleaning Supplies
As businesses prepare to welcome customers again, we're all looking toward the future. While we focus on the regrowth of our local and national economies, we're staying safe by maintaining good health practices. 
ScentAir Home Office
Scentair is geopend en blijft zorg dragen voor uw bedrijf gedurende alle door het WHO en RIVM aanbevolen veiligheidsvereisten. 
ScentAir Home Office
The newest in our lineup of commercial-grade fragrance systems, ScentAir Breeze™ empowers ScentAir® clients with complete system visibility and total control from any location using our cloud-based system management platform, ScentConnect®.
ScentAir Breeze Round
ScentAir gives back to the United States military community by partnering with home improvement series, Military Makeover.
Military Makeover
ScentAir, the global leader in scent marketing, announced today that it has acquired ScentHD, a subsidiary of Enviroscent®, Inc. The acquisition of ScentHD will allow ScentAir to expand further into the home fragrance market and directly serve more home fragrance enthusiasts.
ScentAir, the global leader in scent marketing, announced today that it has expanded operations into the Japanese market. ScentAir’s new Tokyo based office will serve the entire country of Japan and will allow the company to directly serve Japanese brands.
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