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Uw hub voor artikelen en inzicht in geurmarketing.

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ScentAir staat bekend om het gebruik van geuren voor markten en merkbedrijven. Maar we zijn geobsedeerd door alles wat met marketing te maken heeft. Scent Impressions is een leercentrum om  geurindrukken te onderzoeken en na te gaan hoe deze passen in de bedrijfspraktijk en  marketingstrategieën die u elke dag toepast. Leer de voor- en nadelen van geurmarketing en ervaar een nieuwe benadering betreffende  algemene marketing, merkimago en klantervaring door het team bij ScentAir. 

As 21st century marketers, we have the advantage of learning from our contemporaries in real-time. There’s no shortage of businesses to stalk and marketing gurus to follow. With so much activity, it’s hard to catch (and analyze) every move in the business. But when industry leaders make a big move, it’s time to pull out our note-taking apps!
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Shocking, I know. Especially when you consider how the rise of E-commerce, OTAs, and price transparency changed the way hotels conduct business. But things are changing yet again.
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Have you ever walked into a store, a hotel lobby, or even past a boutique and thought “wow, it smells incredible in here”?
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Big work projects can be a nightmare. Especially projects that impact many departments.
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Looking for a way to squeeze more out of your healthcare marketing budget? Increasing your patient engagement can supercharge your healthcare marketing strategy.
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Have you ever taken a stroll through the fragrance section in an upscale department store?
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Als u een hotel of resort uitbaat en uw inkomstenbeheerder geen informatie deelt met uw marketeer, haalt u misschien niet het maximum uit al uw beschikbare gegevens.
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Mandalay Bay, a premier resort and casino in the MGM Resorts portfolio, already had a stunning property to delight their guests. Every detail of the resort had been attended to.
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You’ve heard of scent marketing. You might have even heard some of the hype surrounding it—so many major brands use scent marketing!
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If your business isn't utilizing the power of scent, here are 10 ways you may benefit from a scent marketing strategy.
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