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Universities recruit top athletes and thrill fans with solutions from ScentAir

ScentAir provides cutting edge fragrance technology to enhance athletic facilities nation-wide.

For more than 25 years, ScentAir has paved the way for smart scenting solutions in homes and businesses across the world. Now, they are tackling head-on the scent experience of college and university athletic facilities!

With dedicated local teams working across seven worldwide offices, ScentAir is excited to have partnered with some big-name universities, such as Notre Dame, Clemson, Auburn, Ole Miss, Purdue, University of Florida, University of South Carolina, and Mississippi State, to enhance athletic facilities that generate more revenue and help them recruit and retain top-notch athletes.

Athletes are searching for modernized, fresh and engaging training facilities. They need to know that the facilities they’ll be using are just as important an investment as the athletes themselves, as the facility is often an athlete’s “second home” for much of the year. Fans certainly want to enter a sports arena that is not only clean, modern, and energizing – with a focus on the excitement of the event.

And just because a space houses athletes doesn’t mean it should smell like them!

Universities across the United States have spent roughly $11 billion or more on new athletic facilities each year since 2010. Improving the student-athlete experience with state-of-the-art training facilities, locker rooms and venues is a top priority.

Scent science for the win

College athletics programs compete against each other in a zero-sum game, and to improve the student-athlete experience – and attract the kind of top recruits that enable a winning season – training facilities, locker rooms and venues are top investment priorities.

As seen in ScentAir’s work with well-known (and loved) universities, scent can be used to enhance the fan experience by creating memorable venues, and appetite-stimulating concession areas, while also creating a clean, fresh mood-enhancing experience for their athletes.

More and more colleges and universities are beginning to understand the major role scent plays in making them stand out from the crowd.

How ScentAir helps universities and colleges

With several collaborations in play, ScentAir gives everyone the scoop on what complaints they hear most from these types of colleges and universities, and the solutions that expert scent marketing provides for older and newer, state-of-the-art athletic facilities. 

ScentAir VP of Products and Marketing, Logan Andres, says:

“Keeping facilities smelling fresh, clean and new is the first order of business for athletic department leaders, because fresh facilities create more emotional connections, attracting top-notch athletes,” said Andres. “Building that connection early makes it easier for schools to better manage first impressions with a recruit’s family and helps retain their athletes too. Beyond that, scent enhances the fan experience, which leads to higher engagement. In the concession areas scent can directly boost snack and beverage sales. On both sides of the game – retaining or selling – scent is a key play for universities.” 

Exemplary examples of how ScentAir is a team player in arenas you’re familiar with: 

  • Notre Dame athletic areas, bookstore, and various residence halls.
  • Areas of Auburn University athletics, plus university managed hotels.
  • Purdue student union and university managed hotels.
  • Many areas of Clemson, including locker rooms, dining room, weight room, and lobby. 
  • Football stadium lobby and fitness center at the University of South Carolina.
  • Variety of stadium spaces at University of Florida, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss.

Having ScentAir as a knowledgeable and reliable partner in scent experience marketing is a proven way to improve the college and university facility experience for both athletes and fans. Leading academic and athletic programs know, being the best doesn’t happen by accident. It happens with strategic execution of a well-designed gameplan – and ScentAir came to play.