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Our Journey to Breathing Easier & Happier: The Unexpected Ease of Owning a ScentAir DFS Compact Air Purifier

Recently, my husband and I returned from an unforgettable trip to Iceland, exhausted but grateful to be home. We were met with an unwelcome smell as we struggled through the door with our luggage. You know the kind – the kind that makes you want to turn around and hope for a different outcome when you walk back in.

It was at that moment that I realized I had unplugged our air purifier before leaving. And as pet owners, there was a chance one of our older cats hadn't been as diligent in the litterbox as we’d hoped.

Instead of being able to hug our kitties and crawl into bed, I found myself cleaning and deodorizing. Step number one? PLUG IN THE AIR PURIFIER – and set it to TURBO!

The next morning, fresh-smelling air greeted us and I marveled that I’d already become so reliant on my ScentAir DFS Compact in less than 2 months.

How much had it impacted our daily lives?

First Impressions:

From the moment it arrived on our doorstep, I couldn’t wait to open it. The inner boxes slid right out, and setup was a breeze with easy-to-understand instructions. Even inserting the filter was simple, only needing the sealed plastic to be removed before snapping into place. 

What stood out was how user-friendly the DFS Compact is. There's no complicated installation or setup. Just plug it in, and you're good to go. I had it up and running within minutes! The intuitive buttons and controls were a refreshing change – it made me think of my 84-year-old mother and how she would have no trouble operating it. You don’t have to be a tech genius to set it up and use it - the DFS Compact doesn't need to be complicated, and I love that about it.

Being lightweight and portable, the DFS Compact goes with me throughout the day. Interestingly, even our usually suspicious cats have taken a liking to it, using it to rub their faces.

Opening the box felt like a gift I was giving myself. It was well packaged and free from any harsh or unpleasant smells. 

Fresher, Cleaner Air:

One of the primary reasons I wanted an air purifier was to improve our indoor air quality. Both my husband and I suffer from allergies, and the DFS Compact's better-than-HEPA filter rating was a deciding factor. While it hasn't completely eradicated our allergies, it has significantly reduced their severity. We’ve both experienced less sneezing, coughing and stuffiness caused by environmental allergens. And as a bonus, we've also noticed that we've been healthier overall.

No More Stinky Smells:

It's difficult to put into words, but the air purifier creates an atmosphere of freshness and cleanliness in our home. Despite having four cats, the air never feels or smells stale. And speaking of our furry friends, it also works wonders on eliminating their not-so-pleasant litterbox odors too.

I'm amazed at how quickly and effectively it tackles extreme odors. From the litterbox room to the aftermath of returning from Iceland, it’s managed them all with ease. It’s even made quick work of a few kitchen mishaps. When my oven malfunctioned and charred the flatbread inside, the resulting acrid smoke filled the kitchen and started to waft into other rooms. But again it came to the rescue, the smoke and smell were gone in less than 30 minutes!

Yes, Turbo is loud. It's a small trade-off for the speed and efficiency at which it works. Also, with 4 settings you don’t have to use Turbo when Medium or High work. I've even noticed the air coming out has a light fresh scent.

It’s given me the confidence that the air in our home is as fresh and clean as it smells. I no longer worry about having friends over due to pet odors or everyday household smells that I may have become immune to. Our air purifier silently works in the background, ensuring our home always smells inviting.

Restful Sleep:

One benefit we didn’t expect was improved sleep. We now sleep more soundly throughout the night, waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day. I used to suffer from insomnia. Gone are the days of getting up in the middle of the night or wide awake tossing and turning. The soft ambient noise of the DFS Compact helps me fall asleep faster, while the enhanced air quality allows me to stay asleep. We both feel more energized throughout the day, thanks to better sleep.

Easy to Use & Hassle Free:

What surprised me the most about the DFS Compact is how easy it is to use and how seamlessly it integrates into our lives. During the day, it quietly operates in my office on the Low setting while I work. In the evening it travels to the kitchen or I leave it in the bedroom overnight. Its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to move it to where it’s needed.

Surprising Benefit:

One unexpected improvement has truly touched our hearts. Our older cat, Sissy, suffers from asthma and takes daily medication. Since using the ScentAir DFS Compact, her asthma and energy levels have improved significantly. She breathes easier, runs and plays, and generally seems happier without any other changes to her care. I’m so pleased that our pursuit of cleaner air has positively impacted the lives of our pets as well.

We couldn't be happier with our DFS Compact Air Purifier. It has transformed the air quality in our home, eliminating odors, providing allergy relief, enhancing our sleep, and being incredibly easy to use. It’s become an essential part of our lives. No matter where we go, we'll be taking our DFS Compact with us. After all, breathing easier and happier is a journey we're committed to.