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ScentAir Scents Van Gogh Alive Multi-Sensory Art Experience

Scentair partners with grande experiences to implement scent in their multi-sensory art experience, Van Gogh alive.  

Sydney, Aus: ScentAir is honoured to be chosen by Grande Experiences to implement scent in their multi-sensory art experience, Van Gogh Alive
Based in Australia, Grand Experiences specializes in the creation, design, production and touring of large international art experiences that have inspired over 17 million people globally. Grand Experiences collaborated with ScentAir on their experience, Van Gogh Alive, which has been touring across 50+ cities around the world. Their latest stop was at The Royal Hall of Industries in Sydney, Australia. 
From the moment visitors enter, a powerful and vibrant symphony of light, colour, sound and smell grab the attention and creates deep sensory engagement. To bring Van Gogh Alive to life, ScentAir carefully selected a comforting scent. 
Warm, spicy notes over soothing woods compliment the rich, vibrant tones of Van Gogh's colour choices and the indulgence of his heavy brushwork. With ScentAir's advanced fragrance systems, the Van Gogh Alive scent is diffused evenly throughout each event, lending to a consistent signature experience around the world. 
According to Bruce Peterson, Founder & CEO of Grande Experiences, their goal is to "entertain new audiences and drive back existing attendees with revolutionary visitor experiences that are guaranteed to provide that Wow factor in a safe, yet engaging way."
ScentAir is proud is offer fragrance solutions that help Grande Experiences reach their goals. As a trusted fragrance industry leader, we offer safe and vibrant fragrances that leave a lasting impression. 
From materials used to method of delivery, ScentAir fragrances meet or exceed global safety requirements and never contain toxins, known carcinogens or respiratory allergens. Our global footprint enables us to provide the technical support they need to create a consistent experience from on city to the next.