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CHARLOTTE, NC (03/04/23) – ScentAir, a pioneer in scent marketing solutions, has added two new fragrances to their growing line of pet calming fragrances, designed to alleviate anxiety in dogs and cats. Coastal Lavender and Aloe Oasis, powered by ScentAir's Pet Calming Complex (PCC), combine engineered pheromone isolates and botanical extracts to create a soothing environment for pets.

Both fragrances target nervousness, anxiety and stress induced by various environmental factors such as loud noises, separation anxiety and interactions with other pets or visitors. ScentAir's proprietary PCC formula uses universal mammal pheromone isolates and natural botanicals to instill a sense of security and tranquility in pets.

Dogs and cats naturally respond to pheromone chemical messages released in the air, which can have a calming effect. By incorporating industry-recognized components like engineered pheromone isolates and Valerian Root botanical extract, Coastal Lavender and Aloe Oasis promote relaxation and reduce anxiety levels in pets.

Coastal Lavender offers a refreshing blend of chamomile, eucalyptus and lavender, while Aloe Oasis is a serene blend of cucumber and lemongrass over notes of bamboo, water lily, lavender and musk. Both fragrances are complemented by ScentAir's Odor Neutralizing technology, effectively combating unwanted pet odors at a molecular level.

Pet owners will appreciate the luxurious fragrance experience, while their furry companions benefit from the calming effects of Coastal Lavender and Aloe Oasis. Whether used in homes, commercial spaces or pet-friendly establishments, these fragrances create an atmosphere of comfort and well-being for both pets and their human counterparts.

ScentAir’s first fragrance featuring PCC, Emerald Meadows, has received rave reviews from pet parents. 


“It's amazing! Very nice scent, not overpowering but it definitely helps with odor control. And having it help to ease pet anxiety is a win/win!”

-Cathy J. 


“Love the fragrance and the cats seem pretty mellow.”

-Laurence D.


“Has been really helpful with my little doggie could notice her being a little more calm after about 1 week”

-Saoirse C. 


“This is a great scent especially for pets when our unit can stay connected to WiFi."

-Justin F.


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