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ScentAir® Releases New Pet Calming Fragrance

The new technology contains engineered pheromone isolates 

and natural botanicals, proven to soothe dogs and cats.

CHARLOTTE, NC (08/24/23) – ScentAir has released a new fragrance that not only makes spaces smell amazing, it also helps relieve dogs and cats of anxiety. The new Emerald Meadows with Pet Calming Complex (PCC) is designed for dogs and cats exhibiting nervousness, anxiety or environmentally-induced stress. 

Loud noises, separation anxiety, visitors and even other pets can cause cats and dogs to become anxious and agitated. ScentAir’s new Pet Calming Complex provides a sense of security through universal mammal pheromone isolates and botanicals. 

Dogs and cats naturally communicate with pheromone chemical messages released in the air in response to stimuli. For example, a puppy receives a natural positive message of security when it is with its mother, which creates a comforting and calming effect. ScentAir’s proprietary PCC formula uses industry recognized pet calming components like engineered carboxylic acid pheromone isolates and Valerian Root botanical extract. Valerian Root is a natural botanical that is known for its calming properties and is commonly used in pet and human products to promote a relaxing effect and reduce anxiety.  

While humans will not notice the effect of the PCC, pet parents will enjoy luxury fragrance. The first fragrance containing PCC is Emerald Meadows, a light refreshing fragrance with notes of green apple and lemongrass, layered with soothing lavender, warm solar amber and sandalwood. The fragrance also contains ScentAir’s Odor Neutralizing technology to help fight pesky pet odors at the molecular level.  

Emerald Meadows with PCC is available for home use and commercial applications. Kennels, hotels and other pet-friendly retail spaces can make their business a place of comfort for their furry customers, while enhancing the space for their two-legged parents. 


Pet parents are already raving about the improvements in the behavior of their dogs and cats. 


“There was such a clear difference with [my dog] Augie with no other changes that I’m solidly convinced that PCC is truly effective in calming pets, and I’m so impressed with it!”

-Angela S. 


“My cat will actually lay and rest in my lap now. In four years she’s never done that, she was always too nervous, until we started using the ScentAir Pet Calming Complex.”

-Michelle B.


“My 11-month-old foster puppy was very intrigued with the scent coming from the box. I put it in the Whisper PRO and about 20 minutes later she crawled in her crate and fell asleep – which has never happened before as she is a maniac. So far, I give it 2 thumbs up. The fragrance is nice too, soothing and fresh."

-Joeleen M.


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(PCC is currently unavailable in Korea)