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ScentAir® Releases New Limited Edition Summer Sunset Collection for Consumers

ScentAir has released a limited edition Summer Sunset Collection on its eCommerce storefront, adding to their lineup of best-selling professional quality fragrances. The collection, the second limited edition release by ScentAir, features six exciting new fragrances inspired by the breezy coziness of the end of summer. 

Each fragrance in the collection brings a different late-summer experience to life right in your home or business. Fragrances include: Juniper & Cedarwood, Dark Pomegranate & Currant, Soft Cashmere & Jasmine, Violet Sugarcane, Forever Flannel, and White Cotton & Moonstone. From fresh and bright to warm and red, each fragrance in the collection celebrates the best of summer’s end. 

“The end of summer is a time of transition; the right fragrance can enhance the moment and make you feel like you’re getting the most from the final days of the season,” said ScentAir’s Director of Global Marketing, Evin Ellis. “After the success of our first limited edition collection, we wanted to follow up with another strong collection. The Summer Sunset Collection is a chance to show customers that we understand how fragrance punctuates a season and that there are more limited edition collections coming their way.”

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