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ScentAir® Releases New Cannabis Odor Neutralizer

CHARLOTTE, NC (09/05/23) – ScentAir has released a new way to eliminate cannabis odors in businesses and homes. The new Cannabis Neutralizer discreetly neutralizes obnoxious cannabis odors and creates a fresh space that’s comfortable for everyone. 

The patented odor neutralizing technology removes cannabis smoke odors at the molecular level. It detects and bonds with offensive cannabis smoke molecules and alters them, so they drop out of the air and become undetectable by human noses. Cannabis Neutralizer leaves behind a fresh scent of white tea blended with light fruits and subtle amber. 

“With the rise of cannabis use across the United States, we’ve seen a need for more cannabis odor control in businesses and homes” said ScentAir’s Director of Global Marketing, Evin Ellis. “For businesses like hotels and multifamily communities, it’s important to manage odors that might irritate some. In homes, people want to enjoy their preferred adult substance without drawing unwanted attention. We’re excited to be able to offer our patented odor neutralizing technology to target the problem and help both types of customers have a space they feel good about.”

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