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ScentAir Introduces New Fragrance Infused Reeds for Home Consumers

ScentAir Technologies, LLC, the global leader in the scent marketing industry for over 25 years, announces the release of newly developed, patent pending, fragrance infused reeds. As a product pre-infused with fragrance during the manufacturing process, consumers can safely scent small spaces in their homes without the risks of oil spills, hot wax, or an open flame – a needed solution for active households with small children or pets.

With ScentAir’s new infused reeds, home consumers can now cover spaces too small for the larger coverage ScentAir Whisper Home fragrance diffuser. Designed using a proprietary mix of hydrophobic materials, the ScentAir infused reeds proactively release fragrance faster and stronger than traditional hydrophilic pulp- or bamboo- based materials that hold fragrance within their inner fibers. This unique design results in more scent to your space.

"As the leader in our commercial industry, and growing household fragrance brand, ScentAir knows we must be always listening to our customers and putting their needs first. The new ScentAir infused reeds are a prime example of applying our fragrance experience and passion towards fragrance delivery innovation that will delight our customers." said Logan Andres, Senior Vice President Products & Marketing. "We know there are a lot of small scenting products on the market for consumers, but we also know with our experience and understanding of how fragrances best diffuse into spaces, that we could make something truly beneficial for our customers.”

As a global organization servicing customers in over 119 countries, ScentAir is a clear leader when it comes to fragrance diffusion and safety. All ScentAir fragrances meet the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards, which are based on objective scientific safety assessments of individual fragrance ingredients conducted by an international independent expert panel (RIFM). In addition, ScentAir ensures that all fragrances meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements from OSHA, CARB, Prop 65, and TSCA. ScentAir fragrances are also cruelty free, phthalate free, and respiratory allergen free. With the health and safety of our customers and their pets in mind, ScentAir is dedicated to ensuring we meet or exceed all applicable industry standards.

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About ScentAir: For more than 25 years, ScentAir has been committed to enhancing environments, brands and experiences through improved air quality and the power of scent. As the global leader in scent-based experience, ScentAir creates memorable impressions for small businesses, global enterprises, and home consumers. Based in Charlotte, NC, USA, and corporate offices in the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia. The company's 500+ global team members service customers in 119 countries through its dedicated global supply chain and manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. To learn more, go to