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Natural, Sustainable and Environmentally Responsible: A Deep Dive Into Scents Eco Allure and Eco Serenity

Natural, Sustainable and Environmentally Responsible: A Deep Dive Into Scents Eco Allure and Eco Serenity 

ScentAir recently embarked on an exciting initiative to develop sustainable scents that are 100% environmentally responsible and eco-friendly. Earlier this year, we launched the first fragrances from this initiative: Eco Allure and Eco Serenity crafted for the Whisper HOME Diffuser and Whisper PRO Diffuser.

“As a worldwide brand, ScentAir takes its role as global citizens seriously. We’re prioritizing new, sustainable products that aim to reduce our impact on the planet,” said Logan Andres, Senior Vice President of Products and Marketing. “Using sustainable ingredients, upcycling natural byproducts, all of these elements allow us to make incredible, professional-quality fragrances while making a lighter impact on the planet.”


All ScentAir fragrances adhere to or surpass the International Fragrance Association’s (IFRA) Code of Practice and additional global health and safety regulatory criteria. Our new sustainable fragrances are exclusively crafted utilizing a blend of essential oils, sustainable materials, naturally derived, and upcycled ingredients. All ScentAir fragrances are registered with the EPA.


Eco Allure: Embark on a captivating journey across the globe to experience the warmth and bliss of Eco Allure. An alluring blend of zesty Italian bergamot, the warm spices of Guatemalan cardamom, Indonesian clove and upcycled Caribbean pimento leaf perfectly blend with soft upcycled sandalwood and upcycled French oak. 

This passionate and sensual fragrance features essential oils from Italy, Guatemala and Indonesia; and upcycled ingredients from France, the Caribbean and Indonesia. 

Eco Serenity: Let nature whisk you away on a serene journey where all your thoughts fade into the sunset. A harmonious blend of refreshing Italian bergamot and relaxing French lavender intermingle with orange flower, warm Virginia cedarwood and soothing natural vanilla.

This relaxing and soothing fragrance features essential oils from Italy, France, China, Egypt, Indonesia and Virginia, U.S.; as well as naturally derived orange flower and vanilla. 

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ScentAir Sustainable Fragrances are curated with a blend of environmentally responsible and eco-friendly ingredients from all over the world. 

Essential Oils are highly concentrated, aromatic compounds extracted from plant parts. These oils can enhance the formulation's natural aroma and contribute to potential therapeutic benefits. 

Sustainable Ingredients are natural raw materials that have been sourced, cultivated, harvested, and utilized in a manner that minimizes negative environmental impacts. Using sustainable fragrance ingredients offers environmental preservation, resource efficiency, waste reduction, ethical sourcing, consumer appeal, innovation, and long-term viability within the fragrance industry.

Naturally Derived Ingredients are derived from nature and have a formulation that is more than 50% renewable carbon per ISO-16128. These ingredients offer a wide range of authentic and diverse scents coming directly from botanical sources, providing a richer variety of fragrances compared to engineered raw materials. Naturally derived scents also support eco-friendly products and contribute to sustainable best practices.

Upcycled Ingredients are raw materials used in fragrance formulation that have been created or derived from waste or byproducts of other industry processes. Upcycling utilizes materials that would otherwise be discarded as waste, thereby reducing waste and environmental impact.  


Eco Allure and Eco Serenity feature fragrance cartridges made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, which is recyclable after use. Additionally, all ScentAir Whisper HOME and Whisper PRO fragrance cartridges are transitioning to recyclable materials, further fulfilling the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing environment impact.
To discover more about ScentAir’s dedication to environmental stewardship, visit our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report