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Commercial Scent: 10 Ways Smell Influences Your Business

Commercial Scent: 10 Ways Smell Influences Your Business

When you're working on improving your business, it's easy to miss out on crucial details like lingering odors. Malodors can cause customers to think negatively about your business, leading to a severe drop in sales.

How can you use commercial scent to your advantage and improve your business?

Commercial scents are a great way to make your business feel more comforting and peaceful without having to spend a fortune. Here are some of the benefits that using a commercial scent diffuser can provide.

1. Counteract Bad Odors 

Using a commercial scent diffuser in your business is a great way to cover up any negative odors. Whether these smells are caused by customers, employees, neighboring businesses or the environment, you can cover up odors like cigarette smoke, medicinal scents, restrooms and even the greasy restaurant next door.

It's nearly impossible for your business to avoid creating some form of negative odor, but scent diffusers can help you eliminate the odors perfectly. This creates a more enjoyable experience for your customers and employees!

Different scents have been shown to affect the moods of those who smell them. For example, lavender and vanilla scents have been proven to give a sense of calm to people, whereas peppermint or grapefruit can feel rejuvenating and energizing. 

Consider how you want your customers to feel while they are in your business; no matter how you want to influence your customers, there's a scent to match your needs. 

3. Improve Brand Recognition

By developing a scent that is specific to your brand, you can leave the idea of your company in the minds of your clients long after they've left the building. Scent is strongly linked to the formation of memories, so associating a scent with your store can trigger customers to remember the good experiences they've had in your store. 

4. Attract New Customers

When you're trying to bring new customers to your store, the first few seconds count the most. You want to grab their attention right off the bat, which commercial scents can do. 

While engaging visuals are important for a business, a customer can start smelling your business long before they see it. By implementing a unique scent in your business, you can attract the attention of potential clients before they've even walked through your door. 

5. Improve Interior

Once you've decided how you want your clients to feel as they enter your store, you can match your chosen scent to that feeling to bring life into your store. Scent diffusers are a relatively cheap way to improve the interior feel of your store in a huge way. 

6. Encourage Your Customers to Stay Longer

As it turns out, having a pleasant scent in the air can encourage your customers to spend longer in your store. This is because scenting the air can make your clients feel more comfortable and at home in your store, which makes them want to spend longer looking over your products.

7. Creates Repeat Customers

Once someone gets a good sense of your store and have spent time looking around, they are far more likely to come back! Everyone likes to feel comfortable in their shopping environment, and with the right scent, you can have your clients feeling right at home. From that first sniff onward, they will associate that warm, happy feeling with your store, pulling them back in each time they come by. 

8. Improve Your Customer's Perception of Your Business

It should come as no surprise that eliminating negative odors will improve your customers' perception of your business. However, that is not the only way that commercial scents can build up your clients' perception of your company.

Any scent you use can trigger certain memories and emotions in your clients, making it a crucial step in getting them to stick around and approve of your store. If you aren't careful, the wrong scent can make people head for the door before giving your store a chance. 

9. Increase Sales

Your customers are far more likely to make purchases from your business if you use different commercial scent diffusers in your store. You may have to try out a few different scents before discovering exactly what type of scent makes your company thrive. 

Using commercial scents can help make your products appear high-quality to your customers. It can also encourage customers to view or interact with your products longer, making them more likely to make a purchase.

10. Improve Worker Productivity

Your customers aren't the only ones who will benefit from commercial scents! Your employees may also experience a boost in their productivity with the right scents. Whether you use fruity scents to help your floor employees feel energized while roaming the store or place a scent diffuser in your company's office to relax your employees, commercial scent diffusers can make a big difference for your employees. 

Consider how you want your employees to behave and feel while they are working and find a scent to match those emotions. After all, the happier your employees are, the better work they'll be able to do!

Use Commercial Scents to Influence Clients

If you want an affordable way to freshen up your business, then you should consider using commercial scent in your store or workplace to boost your employees' and customers' experiences. Make sure to do your research before deciding on a scent; every scent invokes different emotions, so take plenty of time choosing a scent!

Are you curious as to how using commercial scents could help improve your business?

We're here to help. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about using commercial scents in your business and continue reading our blog for more helpful information.