ScentAir Stories

Boston Children's Hospital


Boston Children’s Hospital needed to upgrade their HVAC
system to deal with noxious diesel fumes and street odors
emanating from a nearby construction zone. The hospital
staff and patients had been complaining about the odors
that the existing UV light system was unable to control. The
facilities management team was also looking for a solution
to keep the entire depth of the coils clean and free of
biofilm. Their UV systems only treated a few inches of the
coil depth.


The hospital chose to install NPBI technology to (1) control
the noxious diesel fumes, (2) destroy the odors coming from
the construction site, and (3) destroy the microorganisms
that produced the biofilm on the coils.


FUME AND ODOR REMOVAL WITHIN 48 HOURS: Following an initial trial period, the feedback from caretakers and patients was overwhelmingly positive. Caretakers even demanded that the nursing home continue to use the NanoStrike devices to maintain a more hygienic and safe environment for themselves and their patients. Caretakers and patients reported that the odor from an hour-long bandage change was significantly reduced with continuous use of NanoStrike technology, making the experience less stressful and more comfortable and improved patients’ sense of well-being. Caretakers reported the NanoStrike devices to be extremely easy to use and maintain, and quiet enough so as not disturb the hospice patients.