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How to Banish Bad Odors in Your Business without Heavy Fragrance

How to Banish Bad Odors in Your Business without Heavy Fragrance

If your business faces strong, unpleasant odors, you know how hard it can be to eliminate the malodors. Now imagine running a business that depends on maintaining a feeling of freshness, but a noticeable fragrance is totally incompatible with your business environment.

Over the years, we’ve worked with many clients who said they want to freshen their business without a heavy fragrance. Whether they’re battling odors common to their business or environmental odors they never expected, business owners and managers are searching for a way to maintain a phenomenal customer experience by eliminating persistent malodors without masking the air with a complex scent.

Naturally, eliminating foul odors is a win for any business. But research suggests that keeping your business smelling fresh can have a huge impact on customer behavior. A study from Brigham Young University suggested that “people are unconsciously fairer and more generous when they are in clean-smelling environments.”

Between the research and the strong client demand, we knew we had a project on our hands. We had to create a sheer, odor-eliminating solution without a strong fragrance profile.

ScentAir’s fragrance team got to work and developed a powerful malodor solution that revolutionizes scent marketing. ScentAir Clear™ is an advanced odor neutralizing agent that eliminates malodors without a heavy fragrance. Now businesses can create the impression of effortless freshness by removing unpleasant odors without masking them behind a strong fragrance profile. 

The thing that makes unpleasant odors so difficult to eliminate—especially in business environments—is that they start at the molecular level. Their source is practically invisible. ScentAir Clear addresses malodors at the molecular level. It removes odors from the atmosphere by binding with malodor molecules and neutralizing the odor. Unpleasant odors are blocked before they can be smelled, so there is no need for a heavy, identifiable fragrance.

The odor neutralizing technology behind ScentAir Clear is effective at eliminating the odors found in a wide variety of service and product-based businesses. Whether you’re faced with unpleasant odors inherent in your business, like pesky kitchen smells, stale tobacco, pet odors or lingering body odors, or you’re faced with environmental malodors like a moldy, musty environment or bathroom odors, ScentAir Clear can tackle them. Plus, with 10X the odor neutralizing captives of our regular odor neutralizing fragrances, ScentAir Clear is more effective for managing malodors across larger spaces.

Implementing a reliable scent machine makes it easier to manage your customer experience. Some of our clients shared the details of their business achievements after installing a ScentAir commercial scent machine paired with some of our odor neutralizing fragrances and their results are remarkable. Client reported data showed a 50% increase in positive reviews regarding air quality, cleanliness, and atmosphere and a 57% decrease in negative air quality comments in post-stay reviews after installing a ScentAir system.1

Innovation is a big part of who we are at ScentAir. For over two decades, we’ve helped businesses transform their customer experience. But we’re always striving to help more business owners and managers get the most out of their customer experience. Every business is a little different. Our goal is to keep creating solutions that address the needs of businesses across a wide array of industries. ScentAir Clear is an unprecedented development in scent marketing. We’re excited to offer clients a new way to manage their customer experience through scent.

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1 The above data was reported by our client from 3 months pre-installation and 4 months post full resort installation. The data represents the findings of their independent reporting.