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4 Astonishing Facts About Pure Essential Oils

4 Astonishing Facts About Pure Essential Oils

Beautifully scented and considered a natural remedy, essential oils have been touted as a staple in the functional medicine toolbelt for years. As people turned to essential oils for their aromatherapy benefits to make them feel a little better, they began experimenting with oils by using them to scent their homes. Many clients who have enjoyed the benefits of essential oils have reached out to us in search of 100% pure essential oil fragrances.

As a more natural choice for smaller spaces, essential oils can create a lovely scent effect. But on the larger scale of consistently scenting a business with a commercial scent system, 100% essential oil fragrances just don’t hold up.

Pure Essential Oils Can Cause Respiratory Irritation

At home, it’s pretty easy to determine what products you and your family feel comfortable using. But in a business, you’re touching thousands of unique people. Though 100% essential oils are touted as the healthier choice, they can contain respiratory allergens. This can be problematic in public spaces where they can irritate some people and cause adverse reactions.

Essential oil usage is not regulated. So there’s no governing body to help guide people and businesses on how they should be used. It’s up to individuals to dig through the clutter to seek out information on how to use them safely.

To help businesses safely use more natural fragrances, ScentAir curated a collection of essential oil fragrances. Each fragrance in our line contains up to 30% essential oils and up to 60% naturally derived materials. Unlike pure essential oils, the fragrance industry is heavily regulated. Our essential oil fragrances are held to the same strict regulatory guidelines as our other high-quality scents and they are formulated without any known respiratory allergens.

You Love The Scent Now, But You May Not Love It Next Season

Have you ever bitten into a strawberry purchased in fall only to be left craving the sweet, sun-ripened strawberries of spring? Much like fresh produce, essential oils are natural products and each crop is a little different. 100% oils are susceptible to environmental factors and can vary by crop. But unlike fresh produce, waiting it out until the next growing season won’t necessarily get you the fragrance you’re looking for.

While the human tongue can detect only 5 flavors, the nose can detect over 1 trillion different odors. Between the highly sensitive nature of our odor receptors and the variety in nature, the fragrance you love this season may not be exactly the same next season.  

Using lab created fragrances with a combination of essential oils and safe synthetics allows us to develop consistent products.  While consistency may not be a huge concern at home, consistency in your business is king. Creating a consistent experience is one of the things that makes scent marketing so powerful.

Pure Essential Oils Aren’t Effective In Large Spaces

Getting a decent fragrance payoff from essential oils in small, tightly confined spaces is easy. But if you’re trying to cover a large, open space typical of businesses, pure essential oils won’t diffuse as far. To create the vivid, wide-spread fragrance experiences our clients rely on, we combine essential oils with other necessary raw materials to create the best performing formula possible.

They’re Not As Captivating

Essential oils are simple. It’s like a single block. A pure essential oil contains a single fragrance note. This doesn’t make it bad; it just makes it simple—and perhaps a little less captivating than more complex fragrances.

Part of what makes a fragrance experience so compelling is its complexity. By blending a variety of notes, we’re able to create truly remarkable fragrances. Different mixtures create different moods and emotional reactions. When we blend individual fragrance blocks, like pure essential oils, the notes build on each other and create a captivating fragrance. If you paint a picture with just red paint it’s pretty simple and boring, but if you open up that palette to an entire rainbow of colors you can create a masterpiece.

Whether you’re trying to elevate your customer experience or take your brand to the next level, scent can help—but only when the fragrances you’re using are effective. Though pure essential oils seem like the ideal choice, for most businesses they’re at best ineffective, at worst highly irritating.

When we create fragrances for businesses, we’re creating an experience for our client’s customers. Our fragrances have to be effective enough to set the mood without irritating those around it. If you want to explore an essential oil fragrance, you can trust ScentAir’s collection of essential oil fragrances to deliver a more natural fragrance that’s well balanced, unique, room filling, safe and effective.

To find out how you can try a ScentAir essential oil fragrance in your business, contact us.