Introducing the scentair online store

ScentAir® Introduces New Ecommerce Platform & Diffuser

ScentAir launches a new way for businesses to start scent marketing with a new online storefront and scent system, ScentAir Whisper PRO.

Charlotte, NC: ScentAir, the global leader in scent marketing, announced today the launch of a new commercial ecommerce storefront, making their signature commercial diffusion technology and commercial-quality fragrances available for online purchase. The launch coincides with the release of their newest scent delivery system, the ScentAir Whisper PRO.

The new ScentAir online store will allow businesses of any scale, in any industry, to subscribe to a simple monthly scent marketing service featuring their most popular commercial-grade fragrances and innovative diffusion technology. Businesses in even the most remote parts of the United States will now be able to implement ScentAir, the same powerful customer experience tool used by thousands of global brands.

At the heart of the ScentAir store is the ScentAir Whisper PRO, the newest in their lineup of smart fragrance delivery systems. Ultra-quiet with a patented airflow design for maximum fragrance diffusion and flexible system placement options, the ScentAir Whisper PRO is tailored for small spaces. Creating highly targeted scent experiences, the system fills up to 1,000 square feet with commercial-grade fragrance. 

Whether scenting a retail space with low square footage or filling in intimate spaces around a large-scale property, ScentAir Whisper PRO is easy to manage with exciting new connected technology. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality lets users control and monitor their systems with the all new ScentAir smartphone app, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or the patented ScentAir online portal,

For 25 years, ScentAir has developed innovative technology to effectively scent commercial spaces and transform the way brands communicate with customers. By expanding their reach to include an online storefront, ScentAir can better serve businesses of all sizes with scent marketing scaled to fit small spaces. 

“Scent has the power to take a business from surviving to thriving,” said Logan Andres, Vice President of Products & Marketing. “Our goal was to make ScentAir more accessible. Our new online store makes it easy for business owners and franchisees to bring industry leading fragrance technology to their business. The new ScentAir Whisper PRO is a tailored solution for their smaller business spaces.”

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About ScentAir: ScentAir Technologies, LLC., privately held and founded in 1994, provides best-in-class ambient scent marketing solutions to many of the world’s most recognized brands. As the global leader in olfactory marketing, the Company creates memorable impressions for both small businesses and global enterprises, elevating their customer experience through the power of scent. Based in Charlotte, NC, USA, and corporate offices in the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. The Company’s 425+ global team members service customers in 119 countries through its dedicated global supply chain and manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. ScentAir is committed to the creation of customized scent strategies that boost clients’ brand sentiments, customer loyalty, and sales. To learn more, go to