Introducing the New ScentAir Whisper™️ PRO

They say it’s the details that make high-quality experiences really stand out. We couldn’t agree more! So we set out to design a system that makes the sometimes overlooked, smaller spaces around businesses really pop.

Many of our clients have requested a system that could discreetly target small spaces while leaving a big fragrance impact. Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of the ScentAir Whisper PRO, the newest in our lineup of smart fragrance delivery systems that does just that. 

The ScentAir Whisper PRO delivers by creating seamless yet highly targeted scent experiences. The system is made to fade into the background and integrates beautifully with the greater scent-scape around a business, using the same commercial-grade fragrances you’ve come to expect from ScentAir. 

Designed with the needs of small spaces in mind, the ScentAir Whisper PRO is ultra-quiet with flexible placement options. It can scent areas up to 1,000 square feet and discretely creates a vivid fragrance experience that captivates customers.

The system also features exciting new connected technology with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality. Users will be able to control and monitor their systems using the ScentAir smartphone app, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or the ScentAir online portal, 

We’re on a mission to solve fragrance experience pain points. Our 25-year track record of fragrance diffusion innovation is a testament to our dedication to bringing the latest technology to the forefront of our industry. Whether you’re scenting a small business or filling in the gaps across a large-scale scent strategy, the ScentAir Whisper PRO will deliver the consistent experience your customers crave on a simple, user-friendly platform.  

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