The Executive Centre Announces Partnership With ScentAir

Around the world, companies are transitioning back to the office. In the wake of Covid-19, corporations have the opportunity to drive employee engagement like ever before. Employees are highly focused on personal well-being. Now is the time for businesses to build relationships with their employees by taking steps to create a sense of caring in the workplace.

One simple step businesses of all sizes can take to create the sense of care in their offices is implementing fragrance. A well-chosen scent can go a long way in communicating care for employees by leaving them with feelings of security and trust. Scent marketing is easy to introduce and takes little maintenance but offers valuable returns. Letting employees know they are valued does more than establish and support rapport. Stronger bonds between employees and employers improve the overall office experience and ultimately increase employee productivity.

Leading the charge on strengthening employee relations through scent in China, The Executive Centre has partnered with ScentAir to adopt a scent marketing strategy in their offices. In their recent article, The Executive Centre details the roll out of their new scented offices at the Chengdu IFS Centre. Breaking from traditional office environments, the space has become known for its unique approach to creating a productive work environment. The inclusion of scent allows The Executive Centre to push the boundaries further and provide added value for member companies and their employees.

ScentAir worked with The Executive Centre team to create a soothing fragrance experience that is stimulating yet relaxing in times of stress. Their signature scent is a fresh and energetic fragrance featuring notes of lemon, ginger, white tea, violet, amber and musk.    

As a worldwide organization, ScentAir is a proud partner of The Executive Centre in China. With a global supply chain, and offices around the world staffed with dedicated teams that understand their local communities, ScentAir is able to intelligently and efficiently offer fragrance solutions that speak to the needs of local businesses and meet them with world-class service.

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