Translating Store Concept & Values With KIABI


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Enhance store locations with a scent that will contribute to the dramatization of the different worlds created within the stores and reinforce customer perceptions of the KIABI brand through scent.


A fresh and modern fragrance, which creates a feeling of enthusiasm and high energy, diffused throughout the store, including fitting rooms. 


Customers and employees experience KIABI brand values and store concept through a vibrant fragrance experience. 

“ScentAir has perfectly succeeded in translating the store concept and our values through fragrance.” 

Store Design Director


When KIABI launched its new store concept KIABI 3 in November 2014, the objective was lofty. The affordable ready-to-wear brand wanted to offer a unique shopping experience that played on customers’ 5 senses. To make their goal a reality they worked with the global leader in scent marketing, ScentAir, to execute the perfect fragrance strategy.

Store Concept Through Scent 

The KIABI store concept is constantly evolving. The brand’s newest concept, KIABI 3, is designed to attract urban customers to KIABI stores located outside of urban centers. The concept incorporates the urban look and feel customers expect in their favorite city stores. The KIABI team designed a unique shopping experience by pulling in inspiring visuals, play areas for children and a unique brand scent. 

When KIABI contacted ScentAir about creating a tailor-made olfactory atmosphere for its KIABI 3 stores, we couldn’t wait to get started! "We’re delighted to have been chosen by KIABI to support the brand at a crucial moment in its development with the launch of this new store concept,” explains Pascal Charlier, Director General of ScentAir France. “We were keen to offer KIABI an olfactory identity that aligns with the brand and to help it rethink its stores by adding a significant element to convey the brand image through scent.” 

Crafting The Perfect Fragrance Experience

To get started, the ScentAir team worked closely with KIABI to analyze the other sensory elements included in their store concept. It was important to create a consistent experience that was in line with the colors and lighting KIABI had planned for KIABI 3. 

The KIABI signature fragrance is a beautiful, fresh and modern composition based on apple and bamboo extracts. Vitamin-rich, sparkling, and fresh, the scent aims to transmit energy and bring a smile to your face, while delivering a sense of comfort and well-being. The power of olfactory memory makes this scent a fantastic way to create brand attachment and build a long-term relationship with customers.

Soon after developing their brand scent, KIABI began diffusing their new fragrance across the store, including dressing rooms. 

A Successful Scent Experience

After installation, we checked in with the KIABI team. Using ScentAir has led to a 100% fun shopping experience. Their brand scent has created a positive in-store experience, particularly useful in the fitting rooms. “When entering our stores, the customer feels a real explosion of scent thanks to our new fragrance,” said KIABI’s Store Design Director. “ScentAir has perfectly succeeded in translating the store concept and our values through fragrance.”  


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