Scenting On the Rise: ScentAir Forges Amid COVID Headwinds

For the business world, perhaps nothing is more symbolic of how customer expectation has changed in 2020 than the rising demand for clean air in any indoor environments.

With the pandemic brought under better control in China and scenting emerging as a popular solution worldwide to improve on-site experience amid concerns about indoor air quality, ScentAir’s growing presence in the region did not go unnoticed by the mainstream media.

China Daily, with a readership of 330 million in the world, is the latest media outlet to invite ScentAir as the pioneer and market leader of scent marketing to share its views on the uprising popularity of scenting in the country.

On the impact of COVID to business, Vice President, Asia Pacific of ScentAir, Chloe Hui, notes that “with hospitality being our strongest vertical, things are looking promising to us”. In China, the hospitality segment is more reliant on domestic travel than international and a V-shaped recovery in domestic consumption is happening.

"Like all businesses, we were affected by the pandemic, but it also opens up new opportunities for us, as the world demands better air. This trend will play to our advantage. Without doubt, consumers do not go out as often as before the pandemic. For shop owners, it's therefore more important than ever for them to make every visit count.

"Other customer-facing industries such as fitness centers, beauty and hair salons have started adopting scenting to improve their guest experience as well," Hui says.

Asked about her opinions on fragrance preferences, Hui says that in general, the Chinese people prefer light floral scents, while Western countries prefer strong fragrances with spice and wood. Also, an interesting trend is taking shape among younger generations.

"Interestingly, we are noticing a growing number of high-spending young Chinese adults with a global mindset and a connection to the local culture. For scent preferences, they are equally open to what the local market and the global market have to offer," she says.

The original story was published in print and digital on 13 July, 2021. Read the full story here.

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