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The perfect scent for every mood, every brand, and every experience.

Turn your brand into a lived experience

Bring your brand to life with a fragrance that instinctually communicates your brand ethos. ScentAir's endless selection of premium, nontoxic fragrances makes it possible. From the sweetness of fresh-baked cookies to the rich romance of a seductive musk—and everything in between—we’ll help you find a fragrance as remarkable as your business.  

If you can imagine it, ScentAir can create it.  

Progressive Businesses Use Scent  

Customer experiences that excite emotions help consumers connect with your business. The 21st century has changed customer expectations. They’re craving emotional relationships with brands. The right scent can help you deliver.   

Scent Selection Made Easy 

Deciding on the right scent for your business can be stressful. ScentAir makes it easy. We’ll work with you to find—or formulate—the fragrance that will help you achieve your business objectives.  

Understanding Fragrance 

A fragrance is composed of Top, Middle, and Base Notes. Together they create the overall fragrance impression, known as an Accord. Each note occurs at different rates.  

Top Notes bloom first, but also dissipate fastest.  

Middle Notes, also known as the heart, are mellow and well-rounded.  

Base Notes linger longest, creating a lasting impression, and bring depth to the fragrance. 

Fragrance Features 

Thoughtfully formulated, responsibly sourced fragrances developed with your goals in mind.  

Explore All 9 Fragrance Experiences

Each fragrance tells a story. Behind each fragrance experience, hundreds of stories wait to be told. Discover endless fragrance possibilities and a new way to tell your brand story. 

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