ScentAir Splash

Odor Neutralizing Scent For Small Business Spaces

Eliminate Odors In All The Spaces That Matter

ScentAir Splash ™ is a discreet, battery-powered system, best for scenting small spaces under 500 sq. ft. Create scent schedules directly from the device. Easy-change cartridges release mess-free, odor neutralizing fragrance for up to 300 hours.

ScentAir Splash delivers professional-grade odor neutralizing fragrance for all the spaces that matter.

Incredible Fragrance Wherever You Need It  

Targeted Experience Control

Atomized fragrance delivers precise, consistent coverage.


Compact & Battery Powered 

Discreetly fights odors anywhere — no power outlet needed.


Customizable Scheduling

Scent schedules program directly to the device.


300 Hours of Scent

Long-lasting cartridges contain up to 300 hours of odor-fighting fragrance.


Consistent 30-Day Fragrance Cartridges

Delivers consistently vibrant fragrance all month long. 


Covers up to 500 sq. ft.

Odor neutralizing coverage for small, hard to reach spaces.


Simple Maintenance  

Easy to change cartridges and a full warranty.


Exclusive Scent Library

Choose from 12 best-selling odor neutralizing fragrances. 


Browse The ScentAir Catalog

ScentAir's product catalog is your guide to all things scent marketing and air purification. Explore our full range of industry-leading products and services.

Eliminate odors with the power of professional-grade fragrance and ScentAir Splash. 

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For 25 years, ScentAir, the scent marketing leader, has been committed to enhancing environments, brands and experiences through improved air quality and the power of scent. With businesses and consumers worldwide taking part in the ScentAir experience, ScentAir continues to accelerate environmental, cultural and economic sustainability for driving positive impact on society.
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ScentAir, the scent marketing leader, continues to lead the way in helping brands globally address customers' concerns, as cases surge in China amid lockdowns.
In the News
From 1st to 27th December 2021, ScentAir will participate in the meaningful annual charity fundraising event organized by Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease at Festival Walk, Hong Kong.