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Choosing the right fragrance isn’t enough. A scent is only as powerful as the system that diffuses it. Get the most from your fragrance with ScentAir’s high-performance scent delivery systems. Designed with your goals in mind.  


We Don’t Buy Our Systems. We Build Them.  

Your system ignites the experience of your fragrance. So, we design dependable scent delivery systems that turn the idea of scent marketing into a live, on-site experience. ScentAir scent machines diffuse seamless fragrance that becomes a natural part of the space. Each system is designed to scent different spaces, so any business can create original fragrance experiences. Whether you're scenting a cozy shop or an arena, there's a ScentAir system for the job.  

Discover The Systems That Power The Experience.  

Whisper quiet, MAXimum fragrance.

Odor Neutralizing Scent For Small Business Spaces

Whisper quiet, bold fragrance.

Introducing the newest fragrance innovation from ScentAir.

When productivity matters get a direct solution. 

Master your space with a scent delivery system that starts at the source.

The only cloud-connected solution in the scent marketing industry.