ION Protect: Keeping Family and Business Safe through Pandemic in Indonesia

On 7th July 2021, ScentAir joined forces with the US Embassy to host a virtual event titled “ION Protect: Keeping our family & business safely through pandemic”, introducing ION Protect, our latest active air purification solution with patented NPBI technology, to Indonesia.

As the world’s fourth-most populous country, Indonesia has fast become the new center of Asia’s coronavirus crisis, reporting thousands of daily cases in recent weeks. It was of no coincidence that the event was well attended by some 80 participants keen to learn of new and scientific proven air-cleaning technology for indoor business environments.

The event started off by Mr Mark Lewis, Counsellor of the US Embassy, delivering his opening remarks, followed by Ms Chloe Hui, Vice President of ScentAir, Asia Pacific. Ms Carman Ng, Product Development Manager of ScentAir, Asia Pacific, then took the stage to detail the birth of ION Protect and why this could be the solution to the country’s growing concerns over indoor air quality.

Since the COVID virus is airborne, sanitizing should start in the air. What’s more, according to a human activity survey conducted by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans on average spend 87% of their time indoors and 6% inside vehicles. It is therefore paramount to provide clean, fresh and safe air indoors. Effective air purification is the key, and a video of a smoke test was played to illustrate the purification power of ION Protect. In just 15 minutes, a box filled with smokes was purified. Another video of a 7-day mold experiment was played to demonstrate the difference ION Protect could make. While the bread without ION Protect was found covered with mold, the bread with ION Protect had merely traces of mold on the surface.

The results proved to participants that ION Protect is an effective solution to reduce air particulates and pathogens. In fact, laboratory tests proved that our technology could reduce actual COVID virus strain at a rate of 99.8% on surface in 30 minutes inside a test chamber, 99.98% on surface in 60 mins inside a bigger room, and finally 98.33% in the air in 60 mins inside the same room.

Since the pandemic started, a countless number of ozone generators have been made available in the market as air cleaners, but as the EPA emphasized, there was no agency of the federal government to have approved these devices to be used in occupied spaces as they could cause severe health problems. Therefore, both the EPA and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly encouraged the use of indoor air quality solutions meeting UL2998 with ozone free emission. ION Protect falls into this category.

As suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO), Coronavirus may never go away that we simply have to learn to live with. The new normal has arrived - contact us now to create a safer & healthier environment for your customers and employees.