The Best Customer Experience Tool You’re Not Utilizing

What’s the most underutilized resource a business has access to?

Their employees.

Every day, company executives spend thousands on research and robust management information systems. They toil over data and spend even more on initiatives that may or may not work.

But the truth is, there’s a robust knowledge bank sitting just feet away. Your employees have a wealth of targeted, specific knowledge about your organization. There are many areas in which they could provide invaluable feedback. But one of the most impactful is customer experience.

Your employees work firsthand with your customers and your products and services. Day in and day out they see the challenges your customers face. Whether they work directly with customers or serve them on the back end, employees know exactly where your company can tighten up CX.

Even better? Most people are quite creative. When asked for input, employees can offer innovative and informative solutions.

And all you have to do is ask!

So how do you get started?

The easiest way to bring your employees into the customer experience conversation is to share your findings and insights. Offering employees transparency around your customer experience initiatives can help unify the company. Initiatives are most impactful when everyone on the same page.

For instance, many of our most successful clients at ScentAir rally their employees around their scent marketing initiatives and articulate the benefits of scent marketing to their employees.

Getting valuable insights from valuable employees

The next step involves moving beyond bringing your team into the customer experience fold. Employees are more than a labor resource. Their ongoing experience in an organization gives them the insight to offer valuable suggestions. The question that leaves most executives scratching their heads is how to go about harvesting this great information.

It’s actually very simple:

Just ask.

Online survey platforms—many of which are free—allow you to quickly generate surveys to collect feedback. Some software even allows employees to vote on contributed ideas so you can determine which ideas resonate most with your whole team.

From here, you can collect your data and head back to the board room. Or you can take it a step further like the folks at Axway.

Insights made actionable

Getting insights is helpful but the magic happens when you can bring employees in to work on the problem of customer experience. Axway took the idea of a hackathon—those problem-solving collaborative computer programming competitions—and turned it on its head to help them get their employees involved in improving their customer experience. They held a company-wide CX hackathon, complete with a panel of judges and prizes!

Through their hackathon, they were able to generate many innovative and actionable ideas. To participate, employees had to submit a five-minute video. The explainer videos had to lay out their concept. Each submission included an implementation plan. And a justification for how it will improve the customer experience. This gave the organization access to fully-fledged ideas that they could realistically implement.

Bonus: Improving employee engagement

Axway did more than generate actionable customer experience initiatives—though that would be enough! On top of it all, they also were able to boost their employee engagement. Over 120 employees participated among twenty-five teams across their global offices.

A huge side benefit to these types of company-wide initiatives is they can help with morale—and your bottom line.

Bringing employees in to work on achieving a goal for the betterment of the company gets employees engaged. And greater employee engagement is ultimately better for the company. According to Aon, a 5% increase in employee engagement can lead to a 3% increase in revenue.

Plus, it makes employees feel they are part of something big and gives them a greater stake in seeing the company thrive.

So, as you’re building out your next customer experience improvement plan, don’t forget your employees. Whether you choose to simply educate them on company initiatives to rally support or host a full-scale CX hackathon, there are benefits. If nothing else your organization will benefit from more engaged and knowledgeable employees. But if you go the extra mile, you can harvest some outstanding insights and initiatives that can make your brand stand out.

Looking for a way to differentiate your brand? What if you could create outstanding customer experiences and a more productive working environment for employees? Scent marketing is an excellent tool that can bring your brand to life for customers. But the right fragrance can also help boost staff productivity!

A fragrance that’s congruent with your brand not only helps customers understand what to expect from your business. It instantly connects employees with the brand image and puts employees in a customer-focused frame of mind. It can also help employees stay cool under pressure. So, from the moment they begin their shift, they’re ready and able to deftly assist customers.

If you’re ready to discover what scent marketing can do for your employee engagement and on-site customer experience, click here to fill out our business inquiry form.

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