ScentAir Adds Scents to PropEx 2021 - Hong Kong’s First Property Management Tradeshow

On 28-29 October 2021, ScentAir was present at International Property Management and Procurement Expo 2021 (PropEx) to showcase its scenting solutions for real estate players. Splash™, a newly launched portable scent system that complements ScentAir's current product portfolio to better cater to needs for different sizes of space, was also introduced.

Held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEE), PropEx brought together thousands of property management professionals and service providers from the city to explore new solutions that help the property management industry enhance their service quality and make their operation more cost-effective, and all-rounded.

With the core service pledge of property management has now changed from “Property” to “people” and from “management” to “service”, scenting as a tool to create exceptional tenant experiences was well received at the tradeshow. In order for visitors to personally feel the power of scent, we set up a ScentDirect and a Whisper PRO to diffuse a relaxing and soothing fragrance around our booth, which was easily noticed by the passing visitors.

We also designed a fragrance zone where visitors could smell six odor neutralizing fragrances and played around ScentAir's newly launched system “Splash”. ScentAir Splash™ is a discreet, battery-powered system that delivers professional-grade odor neutralizing fragrance. It allows users to create scent schedules directly from the device, and is best for scenting small spaces under 500 sq. ft. Due to its small size, high portability, and ease of use, it is an ideal solution to odor problems in hard-to-reach areas such as washrooms, and back of the house. With odor control being a common issue to elderly centers, warehouses, restaurants, and even business offices, Splash attracted a lot of attention.

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