When productivity matters get a direct solution.

Reach Your Goals Quicker With A Targeted Customer Experience Landscape

When it comes to your business, you know what matters most. You need a targeted scent solution and a reliable scent machine to deliver it. With the ScentDirect, businesses of all scales create unique on-site experiences—experiences that speak directly to their target audience. Captivate your customers and weave the story of your brand throughout your space. 

Anything is possible with the ScentDirect scent delivery system. 

'The systems are consistent, very affordable and easy to customise and adjust. And once installed, it requires virtually no upkeep.'
Owner, Dental Consultancy

Productivity Meets Creativity With Targeted Scent Delivery  

Maximum Efficiency

Covers target areas that matter most for your business. 

Cloud-Based System Management   

Manage your system and analyse real time data from anywhere in the world. 

Adjustable Duration & Intensity  

Create custom experiences in a flash. 

Advanced Atomisation Technology 

Particles 1/50th the size of aerosol for mess-free fragrance. 

Simple Maintenance  

Easy change cartridges and a full warranty. 

Precise Fragrance Zoning  

Scalable for any business of any size. 

Even Scent Coverage 

A smooth fragrance experience with no awkward scent pockets. 

Hands-Free Installation 

We handle the installation, so you can get started without lifting a finger. 

Thousands Of Quality Scents 

Find or formulate the perfect scent with our Fragrance Curation team.  

Begin making the most of every interaction with the ScentDirect.  

Si vous avez commencé à vous renseigner sur la purification d’air, il y a de fortes chances que vous ayez trouvé un large choix d’appareils disponibles, multitude de méthodes de purification, plus ou moins efficaces, plus ou moins adaptées à vos besoins, pour des gammes de prix pouvant aller du simple au triple. Bien que la méthode d’ionisation existe depuis déjà plus de 30 ans, de récentes études ont prouvé son efficacité sur de nombreux critères, non remplis par les techniques de purification plus traditionnelles.
Customers are excited to get back to business as usual—but only if advanced health and safety practices stay in place.
Eliminate the anxiety from dental offices with these 5 popular scents. These scents promote relaxation and help your patients remain at ease during their visit.
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