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Scent Marketing For Care Homes

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Grow the satisfaction of your community. Create an atmosphere that keeps your census rate high.

Scent Marketing Solutions To Make Your Care Home The Obvious Choice

Scent marketing provides a powerful tool to help care home communities establish positive experiences for residents, prospects and family visitors. The impact of a clean and fresh environment created through scent marketing can be a major factor in the selection process for people choosing a care home for loved ones.

Home will be many places throughout our lives. But its comfort can be found in places we never expect. Scent makes it easy to re-imagine the meaning of home. Provide comfort to residents. Make move-in day easier. Reassure families and prospects.

With ScentAir, Care Home Communities Can Enhance Feelings Of Stability With A Consistent Atmosphere. 

Differentiate Your Care Home Community   

Surpass the competition—and convert more prospects into residents. 


Improve Residents Quality Of Life Up To 20% Through Scenting

Grow and keep your customer satisfaction rate high. 


Offer Comfort & Stability Like No Other

Create a calming space that reassures families and makes residents feel at home. 


Foster Great Relationships

Improve mood and bypass the challenges of forming fast rapport. 


When you request your consultation, your ScentAir representative will walk you through the process of finding—or formulating—the right fragrance for your care home community. But ScentAir does more than find your perfect fragrance. We help you devise a scent marketing strategy so your fragrance will make the greatest impact on your residents. 

With an endless selection of premium quality, non-toxic fragrances across 9 distinct fragrance experiences, we guarantee the perfect scent for your care home community.

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The ScentAir process makes it simple

We’re industry leaders for a reason. After more than 20 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of major brands in thousands of locations. Our process makes launching a scent marketing strategy easy.

  • Fragrance Selection—find a scent proven to stir the emotions you want to excite in customers.
  • Fragrance Diffusion Strategy—determine the best system, positioning & diffusion schedule to maximise impact.
  • System Installation—installation is included for our most robust scent machines, so you never have to do any heavy lifting.
  • System Support—maintain your system with ease; we're always just a phone call away. 
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Choosing the right fragrance for your business can be stressful. But ScentAir makes it easy. Our team will walk you through the process. We’ll help you find—or formulate—the scent that communicates how your business should be perceived by customers. 

For over 20 years we’ve been helping businesses find fragrances that align with their brand ethos. Whether you want to better articulate your brand, inspire a certain feeling in customers or just improve the perception of cleanliness in your space, ScentAir will help you find the perfect fragrance fit for your business.  

To learn more about our fragrance curation services, click here


You’re busy. So ScentAir makes implementing scent marketing simple. Our team is with you every step of the way so you can get started with scent marketing quickly. Our seamless process avoids interruption to your workflow—all you have to do is pick your scent! 

  • Fragrance selection—using psychological facts proven to stir up the emotions you want to excite in customers, we’ll help you find or formulate the perfect scent.
  • Fragrance diffusion strategy—we’ll determine the best system, positioning and diffusion schedule to maximise fragrance impact in your business.
  • System installation—for our more robust systems, our tech services team will install your equipment in accordance with your strategy.
  • System support—we’re always just a phone call away.


ScentAir scent marketing systems can help you reach your branding and customer experience objectives, but the service is not one size fits all.  

Cost depends on a variety of factors unique to each business. A consultation with a scent marketing specialist will give you a clear picture of which scenting strategy will best fit your space. And we’ll be able to offer you the most complete pricing information.  

Though it’s impossible to determine pricing without assessing your space, we can offer you some insight on your potential ROI. Our clients conducted independent research regarding their return on investment. Their findings were remarkable.  

  • 11% daily increase in retail store sales.
  • 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores.
  • 8% improvement of food quality satisfaction scores—with no change to the food served.


Yes! As a global organisation, ScentAir knows our products touch the lives of countless consumers. Many of the world’s leading brands use our service. And our products ultimately reach millions of end consumers. So, we take our role as global corporate citizens very seriously.


Plus, ScentAir meets or exceeds safety and regulatory requirements including: 

  • International Fragrance Association (IFRA) – Code of Practice
  • US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Registered with the US Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA)
  • State of California’s Prop 65 per OEHHA

For more information regarding the safety of our products, please visit our Fragrance Safety page