Differentiating The KOOKAÏ Brand With A Luxury Store Experience


KOOKAÏ Profile


Differentiate the KOOKAÏ brand with a scent and solidify the brand identity in customers’ minds.


A customized brand scent exclusive to KOOKAÏ and a new range of ancillary scented products that allow customers to take the scent home.


Customers not only recognize the KOOKAÏ scent in stores—there’s even buzz about it on social media!—but they want the scent to be a part of their own homes, driving further customer loyalty for the brand.

"ScentAir is an extension of the KOOKAÏ brand and has been invaluable to helping us create a new dimension to our in-store customer experience." 

Retail Brand Manager

In 2015, the high-end Australian clothing brand, KOOKAÏ, was looking for a way to set themselves apart from their competitors. When they discovered brand scenting and began a scent program, they had no idea they were about to uncover a new dimension of their in-store customer experience that would jettison the brand to launch a new scented product line for their devoted customers.

Transcending Boundaries

Allowing women to embrace their individuality and express themselves through their wardrobe, KOOKAÏ brings the high fashion experience of Paris to Australia. Since 1992, the brand has grown to over 50 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

KOOKAÏ wanted to offer a unique shopping experience designed to allow customers to transcend fashion’s boundaries. It was more than differentiating their in-store experience. They wanted to create a space for women to feel empowered to defy trends and create their own look. KOOKAÏ worked with ScentAir to create a fragrance experience that would personify their brand experience.

Perfecting The Branded Scent

After meeting with the brand, it was clear that a customized signature scent was the only way to go for KOOKAÏ. ScentAir worked closely with the brand to analyze the experience they wanted for the KOOKAÏ woman, their ideal customer.

Along the process of developing a signature scent, we helped the brand determine which fragrance notes should be present in their store concept to bring the luxury of KOOKAÏ to life in the minds of customers.

The result was a signature scent featuring a unique blend of notes, exclusive to their brand. Scent delivery systems were installed in several locations, choosing either the ScentDirect or ScentStream system depending on the location specification.

Once launched, the brand’s signature scent was a hit with both customers and staff. Among high-end retailers in Australia, the KOOKAÏ scent offered the brand an immediate point of differentiation. Investment in customer experience became woven into the fabric of the brand.

KOOKAÏ’s Retail Brand Manager quickly saw how their new signature scent enriched the in-store experience.

ScentAir have been with us from the beginning of the KOOKAÏ Signature Scent journey and over the many years, the support has been second to none. ScentAir is an extension of the KOOKAÏ brand and has been invaluable to helping us create a new dimension to our in-store customer experience.

Customers were quickly drawn to the fragrance. Even store employees were taking note of the new enhancement to their working environment. Comments about the KOOKAÏ brand scent began appearing on social media. Soon customer demand for the fragrance paved the way for a new product line for the brand.

Brand Scent In Retail & Beyond

As a powerful branding tool, the public will only experience the KOOKAÏ signature scent in association with the brand. Initially, this meant that customers would have to visit a store location to enjoy the experience firsthand. Yet customers wanted more.

Demand from their loyal customers empowered KOOKAÏ to introduce their fragrance to customers through a range of retail products. The brand worked with ScentAir to create a new line of scented products, starting with a line of reed diffusers.

With a strong professional relationship and more exciting projects in the future, KOOKAÏ and ScentAir will continue to expand their brand and product line in years to come.

“The exclusive KOOKAÏ Signature Scent has been a part of our new concept boutiques for over 5 years and is now instilled in our brand identity, keeping in the minds of our customers long past them leaving our boutiques. Our customers not only know and love the KOOKAÏ scent, but they want this scent to be a part of their own homes. This demand and customer loyalty has allowed us to introduce the KOOKAÏ fragrance to our customers through a range of retail products which has been successfully received thus far. Giving our KOOKAÏ customers an opportunity to place the KOOKAÏ Scent in their homes has been a rewarding result to the partnership and we look forward to expanding the KOOKAÏ Signature Scent range even further.”

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