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Your hub for articles and insight on all thing scent marketing.

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ScentAir is known for using scent to market and brand businesses. But we're obsessed with all things marketing. Scent Impressions is a learning centre to explore scent marketing and how it fits in with the business practices and marketing tactics you use every day. Learn the ins and outs of scent marketing and get a fresh perspective on general marketing, branding and customer experience from the team at ScentAir. 

Big work projects can be a nightmare. Especially projects that impact many departments.
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Looking for a way to squeeze more out of your healthcare marketing budget? Increasing your patient engagement can supercharge your healthcare marketing strategy.
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Have you ever taken a stroll through the fragrance section in an upscale department store?
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If you’re running a hotel or resort and your revenue manager isn’t sharing information with your marketer, you may not be making the most of all the data you have available.
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Mandalay Bay, a premier resort and casino in the MGM Resorts portfolio, already had a stunning property to delight their guests. Every detail of the resort had been attended to.
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You’ve heard of scent marketing. You might have even heard some of the hype surrounding it—so many major brands use scent marketing!
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If your business isn't utilizing the power of scent, here are 10 ways you may benefit from a scent marketing strategy.
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What’s the most underutilized resource a business has access to?
When you’re running a business, you want to invest in opportunities that will allow the business to thrive. But the bottom line is, well, your bottom line.
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When you’re running a business, safety should always be your number one priority.
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