How To Strengthen Remote Customer Connections

How To Strengthen Remote Customer Connections

Whether we like it or not, 2020 is the year of the staycation. Online shopping is up and travelers are staying closer to home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create strong customer relationships from afar.

Retail outlets, hotels and event organizers can keep and build emotional bonds with customers by rethinking traditional touchpoints. When it comes to keeping your business strong in the age of The New Normal, it’s important to stand out even when your customers are staying in.

According to the Global Retail Trends 2020 report by KPMG, within mainland China and Hong Kong, the pandemic proved that bolstering customer relationships may be key to staying afloat in a post-pandemic market. 

The report recommends that retail leaders should think more clearly about their investments in three crucial areas including experience enhancing technology and customer loyalty initiatives.


Enhancing Experience With Commercial Scenting

Sense of smell is the strongest sense tied to our emotions and memory.

When hosting an event or welcoming customers any business or entertaining experience, scent is one of the most powerful and cost-effective elements to make your event successful and remarkable.

As an experience enhancing technology, ScentAir moves the customer experience beyond high-level conveniences and nice-to-have perks. Advanced fragrance diffusion sends customers powerful messages, helping them make meaning of their surroundings at an instinctual level.

These strong suggestions play a crucial role in formulating customer thoughts and opinions about the business they are shopping with or the event they are attending. Fragrance tells a story that can’t be conveyed through words or images and makes your brand experience come alive.

Today, tangible and exciting experiences are a top commodity. With self-isolation and limited travel, creating an experience that customers can connect with is even more valuable today than in years past.


Scented Products Trigger Customer Loyalty

A strong customer experience does not have to end once customers walk out the door. You can extend the experience with fragrance products in your brand scent.

Scented merchandise allows customers to bring home a strong piece of the multisensory experience of a store or event space. Having a piece of their experience in their home helps keep your brand top of mind and creates long-lasting relationships by keeping your brand alive in customers’ minds.

And the good news? Customers are eager to bring branded scents into their homes. Businesses that begin using ambient scent frequently being receiving customer requests for scented products, making them ideal as sellable merchandise or as redeemable items in a loyalty program.

Regardless of your brand or business, there are many great reasons to start using a scented merchandise. Here are the top three reasons to invest in brand scented merchandise:


A beautifully scented event or retail space followed by scented souvenirs makes your guests or customers remember the great time they had with you, opening a door to post-event business conversions and repeat business.



The goal of promotional giveaways is attracting customers and creating brand appeal. Using the range of scented merchandise with your brand scent by ScentAir will tie guests’ minds to your brand. 85% of people who received a branded gift remembered the brand and do business with them.



Branded merchandises can be up to 66% more cost-effective than conventional forms of advertising!

How could scented merchandise improve your business or event? Contact us to speak to a representative about building a customized fragrance and product package for your business or event.