Cleaning Supplies

Introducing The Clean Routine Collection

2020 has already been a uniquely challenging year; but at ScentAir, we’ve been busy meeting the year’s challenges like we always do—with innovative solutions. This year, our clients have been looking for fragrance options that go beyond a fresh scent. They want to diffuse a fragrance that gives customers peace of mind and ensure them that they're taking every precaution to keep their place of business clean. To meet the growing demand, we began development on a new fragrance collection: the Clean Routine Collection, a line of four new scents that resemble some of the most popular home cleaning product. 

As the ScentAir fragrance team went to work on creating this new scent line-up, we began exploring the psychology that would make this collection valuable for our clients. We knew that consumer cleaner brands have heavily invested in market research for the fragrance of their products. But it turns out, the fragrance of our favorite cleaner is more meaningful to us than we may realize.

Market research has shown that when consumer cleaning habits meet the fresh fragrance of a product, a habit loop can form. Whenever we clean, the fragrance of our favorite cleaner acts as a mental reward, making us feel good about our achievement, our home and ourselves. The technical term for this common psychological principle is operant conditioning.

The new Clean Routine Collection allows businesses to get credit for their commitment to cleanliness by tapping into the established mental fragrance cues in their customers’ minds. Though fragrances in the Clean Routine Collection DO NOT disinfect the air, they DO help businesses by reinforcing their cleaning practices with a fragrance that customers already associate with cleanliness.

Inspired by the fragrance found in four of the most widely-used consumer cleaners today, the Clean Routine Collection allows you to ensure customers recognize your commitment to keeping a clean and healthy business:

  • Lavender Clean | A breezy, restorative lavender fragrance inspired by clean scented multi-surface cleaner
  • Pine Clean | A refreshing pine fragrance inspired by clean scented multi-surface cleaner
  • Lemon Clean | A bright and invigorating lemon fragrance inspired by clean scented multi-surface cleaner
  • Meadow Clean | A classic clean fragrance inspired by clean scented multi-surface cleaner

For 25 years, ScentAir has developed innovative technology and exciting new fragrances to effectively scent commercial spaces and transform the way brands connect with customers. We’re committed to developing cutting-edge fragrances that address the ever-evolving needs of our clients. Expanding our fragrance library with the new Clean Routine Collection, has allowed us to create fragrance experiences that offer tangible value for businesses in the here and now.

To find out how you can try a Clean Routine fragrance in your business, contact us