Commercial Odour Elimination

Take Control of Your Customer Experience with A Powerful

Commercial Odour Elimination Solution


Break Free of Malodours To Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

Eliminate harsh, unpleasant odours that can spoil your customer's experience. ScentAir's patented odour eliminating solutions help you breathe easy and create an experience customers can't wait to return to. Wonder what is the best odour eliminator for your business? We have some options.


Odour Neutralising Fragrances offer Professional Odour Removal

Create a vivid brand experience while eliminating odours. ScentAir offers hundreds of fragrances with patented odour neutraliser so you can build on your brand experience through scent and eliminate the unpleasant commercial odours that ruin the mood.  


Lightly Scented Industrial Odor Eliminator that acts like an Odour eliminating Air Freshner

Remove odours and leave leave a fresh and clean atmosphere that reflects your brand. ScentAir Clear is an advanced odour neutralising agent designed to create an effortlessly fresh environment with no identifiable fragrance profile. This innovative product neutralises unpleasant smells.

How ScentAir Odour Neutralisers Work

How to eliminate bin odour? How to eliminate odour in the bathroom? These are common questions we hear from our customers. The most troublesome malodours businesses face are born from molecular commonalities such as sulfur, ammonia, nitrogen and fatty acids. When our fragrance and odor neutralising technology work together, malodours in the air are greatly reduced, neutralised or completely eliminated.

ScentAir odour neutralising technology removes unpleasant odours like:

Kitchen Odours
Cigarette Smoke Odour
Bathroom Odours
Pet ODOURS & Animal OdourS
Salon Odours
Hospital Odours
Body Odour


Our Technology

Malodours start at the molecular level as complex mixtures of organic compounds like acids, amines and thiols. Our advanced odour neutralising technology addresses malodours where they begin. 


Once one of these troublesome malodours is detected in the air, our odour neutralising fragrance technology seeks out the odour causing molecules.


Our patented odour neutralising fragrance technology bonds with malodours in the air, literally changing their molecular structure. Through bonding, the new molecule becomes completely different and cannot be detected by human odour receptors.


Our commercial odour neutralising technology has been tested against the identified malodour molecules using a headspace – SPME analytical technique and are shown to reduce the concentration of malodour molecules by at least 30%. 


Take Control of Your Customer Experience & Eliminate Odors With Commercial-Grade Odor Neutralizing Technology.