ScentAir Leads the Way as Chinese Businesses Adopt Scenting to Meet New Demands

As the driving force of the world’s economy, China has seen their customers considerably upgrading their consumption habits in recent years, with higher-end, wellness products such as fragrance being highly sought after. According to consolidated research data from Euromonitor, Market Research Future and CBNData, the pandemic outbreak has escalated the process, as people become concerned about air quality. On both personal and business levels, China's demands for fragrance is growing.

As a leader and pioneer of the scent marketing industry, ScentAir was recently interviewed by Forbes China to give their commentary on the phenomenon. Asked about ScentAir’s competitive edge in the highly competitive scent marketing industry, VP & General Manager, Asia Pacific of ScentAir, Chloe Hui, says that over the years, ScentAir has built a good reputation of being able to understand and meet the market needs with excellent products and services.

“We recognize that every interaction matters, which is why we commit ourselves to helping brands create direct connections and stronger customer relationships via the power of scent. 

“It’s especially in the post-COVID era that customers have shown strong preferences for in-person experiences as they want to be engaged differently to their online journey with a brand in order to build brand trust and advocacy,” she continues.

As the on-site experience becomes even more important and valued, businesses need to reassure customers that their spaces are smelling clean and also safe, prompting ScentAir to develop a new scent named “Clear” to combat malodor and ION Protect™ to improve indoor air quality. Hui states, “unlike common air purifiers that wait for harmful particles to run through them, ScentAir ION Protect purifiers seek out pollutants in the air”.

Both of the new scent and machine would be welcome additions to the current ScentAir’s offering line-up, as China is rebounding from the pandemic with its tourism now being more reliant on domestic travel than international. According to GlobalData, China had the highest share of luxury hotel rooms in the region with 422,561 rooms in 2018 and is expected to grow to 658,248 luxury rooms by 2023. Besides, China is now home to 4,000 shopping centers — three times the US total — with the number expected to grow to 10,000 by 2025, according to a report by China Academy of Social Sciences. 

“We are confident that China has the largest long-term and short-term growth opportunities in APAC and ScentAir is uniquely positioned to capture those opportunities,” Hui concludes.

The original story in Simplified Chinese was published on 5 August, 2021. Read the full story here.

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