Scent Marketing Is More Than Meets the Nose

Scent branding is on trend, and marketers should take note. But with more brands integrating scent into their marketing strategies, it’s important to note that scent marketing is more than simply perfuming a physical space.

In a recent coverage by Campaign Asia, a premium publication serving elite marketers by providing insights and intelligence into the ideas, work and personalities shaping Asia Pacific's marketing-communications industry, ScentAir was invited to help clear up the misconception.

So how can a brand get their signature scent developed? VP & General Manager, Asia Pacific of ScentAir, Chloe Hui, reveals that at ScentAir, there is a system in place for fragrance curation, starting by identifying the key components of a brand. From there, a scent is tailored based off a library of over 2,500 fragrance profiles. These scents are segregated into categories such as “relaxing and soothing” or “luxurious and sophisticated”, and if a client wants a scent outside of these common categories, ScentAir would work with them to develop something more exclusive.

Culture and universality are also considered, as people in a certain region might be familiar with a specific smell and would react to that scent in a way different to those outside of that region who are unfamiliar with it. For the local tastes, ScentAir also stocks scent libraries based on generalised cultural preferences, e.g. a Japanese library with scents of clean and light notes, and a Macau library with more robust scents to appease casino goers.

Safety is another factor that should be taken seriously when it comes to scent marketing. Despite evidence suggesting that more and more marketers are leveraging the power of scent, Hui comments that awareness and education around scent marketing in the region is still not at the level it should be, and that too many brands are settling with cheaper fragrances made with faux ingredients that could compromise consumer safety. 

The original story was published on 3 August, 2021. Read the full story here.

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