ScentAir Introduces ScentDirect Connect

CHARLOTTE, NC: ScentAir, the global leader in scent marketing, announced today the release of ScentDirect Connect over Wi-Fi. The company’s ScentDirect systems will now be enabled with cloud-based system management through its comprehensive cloud-connected solution, ScentConnect®. ScentDirect Connect is the second in the ScentAir line of scent marketing systems to be enabled with ScentConnect.


For 20 years, ScentAir has developed innovative technology to effectively scent commercial spaces and transform the way brands communicate with customers. Delivering on its commitment to developing cutting edge technologies, the expansion of the ScentAir cloud-based technology will create greater opportunities for businesses to impact their relationship with customers—with simplicity.


Powered by the ScentConnect platform, ScentDirect Connect empowers ScentAir clients with complete scent marketing program visibility, and total control from any location. Through an easy to use, online portal, clients can monitor each connected device from anywhere in the world. They can even make system adjustments with control over daily scenting volumes and scheduling. All they need is a Wi-Fi internet connection.


ScentConnect also monitors the health of connected units, providing clients with peace of mind. The system notifies users of usage stats and maintenance alerts with easy to understand icons. And in the rare event that a system failure should occur, ScentConnect initiates 24/7 alerts so systems can get the maintenance they need quickly and continue performing at peak.


“As the leader in our industry, we continue to innovate new products and services to delight our customers and be responsive to their needs,” said Logan Andres, Director of Products & Marketing. “Ultimately, we want to improve the scent marketing experience for our clients and make it easier and more fun than ever to implement scent marketing in their organization. We’re excited to now offer the convenience of a Wi-Fi connected device paired with our ScentConnect cloud platform to more of our clients.”


Until recently, the robust ScentConnect system was only available to larger-scale organizations through ScentStream Connect. Now ScentDirect Connect will enable businesses and organizations of all sizes to take control of their scent marketing through the ScentConnect system. Whether monitoring one ScentDirect Connect system or multiple systems across an organization, ScentAir clients will enjoy greater control over their scent marketing strategy.


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