New Normal In Post-Covid-19 Era: Smell Clean


Since the pandemic started, the world has seen a growing concern for hygiene, both in personal and commercial spaces. We have become accustomed to the use of sanitizers, but no one seems to have developed a liking for their smell. On the other hand, businesses have reopened to find their spaces filled with stale air. Prolonged, unplanned closures have left buildings with musty smells that we wish we could get rid of as much as the pandemic itself.

People everywhere have started to look at fragrances as an effective way to banish odors – from warm scents that evoke comfort to the crisp, clean aromas of citrus that uplift the mind.

In a recent article published by South China Morning Post on 10 June, 2021, exploring the world’s growing demand for clean scents in the wake of Covid-19, Vice President, Asia Pacific of ScentAir, Chloe Hui, was invited to share her insights on the uprising popularity of scent marketing among brands in the region, and how Covid-19 has been accelerating the process.

Even prior to the pandemic, business was growing for ScentAir in the region. Hui remarks that clients, especially in the hospitality sector, “want their customers to remember them, remember the brand, and the experience they create for their customers and the guests.”

Despite the negative impact Covid-19 has had on businesses, new opportunities have emerged, with more demand for fresh, clean smells as shops, offices and other commercial spaces opened after forced closures during the pandemic, often for weeks or months. “There was really a bad smell,” she says. It’s often the first thing people notice before anything else. “It’s important to smell clean.”

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